Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Thursday, January 21 2021 - 11:51
The 5th China Health Industry Development Forum Held in Panzhihua
PANZHIHUA, China, Jan. 20, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The 5th China Health Industry Development Forum, themed with "What Can the 
Health Industry Do for a Healthy China", was hosted in the Chinese city of 
Panzhihua on January 18. At the forum that was organized by the Panzhihua 
Municipal People's Government, 11 health industry projects reached intentions 
to sign contracts amounting to a planned investment value of RMB50.68 billion.

The "Panzhihua Municipal Health Industry Standards System" and "Panzhihua 
Municipal Health Industry Supervision System" were formally published at the 
forum. Of which, the "Panzhihua Municipal Health Industry Standards System" was 
jointly developed by Panzhihua and the China National Institute of 
Standardization, and at present 99 standards have been published, which will 
serve as a crucial reference for the establishment of a standardized Chinese 
health industry system and industry institutional innovation.

Since 2014, Panzhihua has successfully held five editions of the China Health 
Industry Development Forum, which has not only popularized the concept of 
health preservation but has also effectively brought private capital to 
gravitate toward the health industry.

As an integral component of the "Healthy China Initiative", the health industry 
is a manifestation of people's yearning for a healthy and better life. 
Panzhihua, a city well-known for its sunshine, has emerged as one of the 
premier destinations in China for health- and leisure-seekers because of the 
unique advantages demonstrated in its health industry.

Panzhihua, located at the junction between southwestern Sichuan and 
northwestern Yunnan, boasts unique arid-hot valley climate of the southern 
subtropical zone. In addition, Panzhihua has the elevation, temperature and 
humidity that are all highly suitable for a restorative human habitat, an 
average of 2,700 annual sunshine hours, an average annual temperature of 20.3 
degrees centigrade, high forest coverage, superb air quality and winters as 
warm as springs.

After a trip to Panzhihua in 2016, then Ambassador of Malaysia to China 
Zainuddin Yahya remarked that "the most impressive memory of Panzhihua is the 
fresh air and ample sunshine, as well as the picturesque scenery. I am going to 
miss this place. Panzhihua feels young and vibrant, and it is a fast-growing 

Relying on its distinct health resources and advantages, in 2010 Panzhihua 
became the first in the nation to put forth the "health preservation" concept. 
After a decade of advancement, Panzhihua has achieved notable feats in the 
development of its health industry. In the first three quarters of 2020, the 
added value of Panzhihua's health industry registered RMB9.616 billion, 
accounting for 12.9% of the entire city's gross regional product.

In recent years, Panzhihua's health industry took advantage of its solid 
existing industrial foundation and developed new pathways, including an 
integrated industrial model to continuously drive the growth of the health 
industry, project clusters to promote the upgrade of the health industry, and 
optimized systems and mechanisms to reinforce the basis for future expansion of 
Panzhihua's health industry.

Next, Panzhihua will continue to introduce well-known enterprises both at home 
and abroad, stimulate consumption in the health tourism market, fuel the 
development of the local health industry, thereby emerging as an international 
health tourism destination.

Source: Panzhihua Municipal People's Government