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Monday, February 08 2021 - 20:58
Featured Spring Festival Celebration in Baise to Debut on China Central Television (CCTV)
BAISE, China, Feb. 8, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

China Central Television (CCTV)'s special program "Our Chinese Dream: 2021 
Nationwide Celebration of Spring Festival" has recently been filmed in Baise, 
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, according to Baise Culture, Radio, Television 
and Tourism Bureau. The show will be premiered on CCTV-3 at 19:30 on February 
10 and on CCTV-1 at 12:30 on February 11 (Chinese New Year's Eve), followed by 
continuous broadcasting on the both channels during the prime time throughout 
the Spring Festival.

The program features Haokun Lake of Lingyun County, Baise as the main venue, 
Baini Village of Leye County as the sub-venue for the recording under the theme 
"The Road to Prosperity", and Xiajia Town of Lingyun County as the sub-venue 
for "Longevity Town" themed part of the show. Covering folklore, intangible 
cultural heritages, songs and dances, acrobatics, magic and other art forms, 
the performance adds to the festivity and peace amidst joy and laughter during 
the Spring Festival.

Handicrafts such as colorful silk balls with local cultural features are seen 
everywhere on the stage. The traditional New Year delicacies, the traditional 
costumes of various ethnic groups in Baise, the giant Fu (Fortune) and Chun 
(Spring) calligraphy, and the mascots for the Year of the Ox, among others, set 
off a joyful and festive vibe. The program also incorporates a wide array of 
intangible cultural heritages such as Trombone of Lingyun County, Dragon Dance 
of Leye County, Malv Dance of Jingxi City, Taige Show of Debao County and 
Damoqiu Acrobatics of Longlin County, cultural performances with local 
characteristics, and local customs of celebrating the Spring Festival, bringing 
together excellent shows from around the city.

Ding Lihua, director of Baise Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, 
said that the program is an epitome of Baise's unique folk culture, local 
cuisine and cultural and tourist highlights. Through the demonstration of 
poverty alleviation achievement in Baise, the stories and spirit of the city in 
poverty alleviation are promoted and Baise's cultural and tourist brands will 
garner great popularity across the country and beyond.

Source: Baise Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

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   Caption: Recording scene by Haokun Lake in Lingyun County, Baise


   Caption: Recording scene in Baini Village of Leye County, Baise