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Monday, February 15 2021 - 18:57
Sonata Software's unique 'Platformation' strategy for Digital Transformation sees global upturn
BENGALURU, India, Feb. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- - Sonata celebrates 4 years of its 'Platformation' strategy as it becomes a 
major success mantra for itself & customers looking to go Digital
Sonata Software, a global IT services and technology solutions company, has 
announced that its unique trade-marked 'Platformation(TM)' strategy for Digital 
Transformation is seeing substantial upturn globally amongst its customers. 
March 2021 will mark 4 years since Sonata announced its proprietary approach to 
digital transformation & christened it 'Platformation(TM)' and the company is 
now in celebratory mode as it has become a major success mantra for itself & 
customers looking to go Digital. The concept of 'Platformation(TM)' has gone 
from strength to strength and has today become even more relevant in the post 
pandemic world paving the way for Sonata's strong growth, as of its customers.
    "We are extremely proud to be celebrating the completion of 4 years of 
Platformation(TM), Sonata's unique and revolutionary approach to help incumbent 
businesses achieve their digital transformation mandates," said Srikar Reddy, 
MD & CEO of Sonata Software. "Sonata leverages the power of platforms to help 
clients create & implement platform based business models. By combining 
engineering excellence with industry experience, niche horizontal expertise, 
platform assets & IPs - Sonata helps build open, connected, intelligent and 
scalable platforms that form the core of modern digital businesses today. 
Sonata has also created reference platform business models for various 
industries it specialises in, like retail, consumer goods, distribution, 
manufacturing, agri-business, utility service industry, using the best in class 
platform models."

     "We have now taken our Platformation(TM) approach across all our service 
lines, be it Cloud Transformation, Data & Analytics, AI/ML, Platform 
engineering, ERP/Dynamics services, PlatformationTM consulting services across 
the value chain, helping us future proof our client's digital investments while 
being flexible at delivering to evolving needs of their business. Even with our 
IP's we have followed a PlatformationTM approach, making it much faster & 
easier for our clients," added Srikar Reddy.

    Sonata has come to be the digital transformation partner of choice for many 
global giants. Said Pantalu Avasarla, VP -Technology Daymark Systems (Division 
of CMC Group), "Sonata is and has been a key platform engineering partner in 
creating and rolling out the platform through the engineering expertise, 
process and tools,". Similar sentiments expressed by Daniel Volk, SVP & CIO of 
Crawford (Largest publicly listed independent provider of insurance Claims 
management & outsourcing solutions) has this to say "Sonata has helped us in 
this digital journey, building the Digital First notice of Loss (FNOL) platform 
using their PlatformationTM approach to drive the solutioning of an open, 
connected, intelligent and scalable platforms." Another champion for Sonata is 
Alfred Muthunathan, CIO of CPL Aromas (UK based home to some of the world's 
largest perfumers across 100 countries) who said "Sonata has been a strategic 
partner to us & has helped us in our journey by stabilising our key business 
systems along with digital transformation based on Platformation(TM)". 

    To ensure end to end transformation of talent in the organisation aligned 
to Platformation(TM), Sonata has continued to invest in forming new roles- 
digital strategists, digital architects, digital delivery managers & digital 
client partners who live and breathe PlatformationTM. It has also set up a 
unified engineer program to create full stack engineers. Not surprisingly, 
Madhavi Srinivas, CHRO, Sonata Software said, "The single most common reason 
given by prospective employees looking to join us is opportunity to learn and 
work on Platformation(TM), they find it cool."

    On what to expect going forward, Srikar Reddy concluded by saying, "While 
frameworks and concepts evolve all the time, when we thought through the 
Platformation(TM) framework, we were looking at how we can help our clients 
transform with assurance, with effectiveness and with speed, so they are not 
getting into issues with compatibility when new options emerge. The last 4 
years have been testimony to it. We now are more convinced than ever that 
Platformation(TM) as a unique concept to achieve successful digital 
transformation is more than proven. A lot of effort has gone in the last 4 
years across the value chain to conceptualise, design, deliver and create 
talent. The endorsement we have obtained from clients, partners and analysts 
makes us confident that we should double up on our investments and application 
of the concept. Our designs and approach have stood the test of time and that 
is one prime reason why our customers see value. Customers looking to get to 
market with speed can do so using our cutting edge IP's in record time and 
build other components as business evolves."

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