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Tuesday, February 16 2021 - 09:00
Noma Medical Crisis: African Football Legends Launch Appeal For Donations To Save "Children Without Faces"
PARIS, Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Though it affects more than 140,000 children each year, noma remains a 
little-known disease among the general public. Derived from the Greek word 
"nomein," meaning "to devour," the disease destroys the face, resulting in the 
death of the child in 90% of cases. In order to fight this scourge, in 2019, 
former footballer Roger Milla set up the Noma Fund association. Together with 
former internationals such as Joseph-Antoine Bell, François Omam-Biyik, Patrick 
Mboma, Rigobert Song, and Jacques Songo'o, he is today launching a global 
appeal for donations to save the lives of those called "the children without 

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Eradication of noma by 2030
As part of the "Acting Against Noma 2021-2030" project, which was officially 
launched November 20, Roger Milla is calling upon people around the world to 
take part in a major fundraising campaign. The objective is to finance an 
action plan aimed at completely eradicating noma by 2030 by implementing a 
policy of awareness, prevention, and care in the most affected regions.
Among other things, the funds will be used to build a regional reference 
hospital in Yaoundé, as well as care and first aid centers in ten project 
countries in Africa: Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, CAR, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, 
Nigeria, Togo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, and Chad.

20 euros = one child cared for

To help Roger Milla fight noma disease, every contribution matters – on the 
foundation's website, donations can be made starting at five euros. Entirely 
transparent and secure, payments are made using PayPal, a platform which 
specializes in collections for NGOs and international associations.
"Each person can give according to their means," insists Roger Milla. "The 
situation of children with noma is all the more shocking since solutions do 
exist and they're within reach. Noma can be treated with a simple, relatively 
inexpensive drug. But for the people in extreme poverty who are affected by 
this disease, it is completely inaccessible."

By way of illustration, 20 euros is enough to cure a child by administering a 
complete treatment (antibiotics, vitamins, and disinfectant mouthwash) as soon 
as the first symptoms appear and before the disease begins its lightning-fast 

A specialist hospital established in Africa to treat children for free 
Without prevention and access to sufficient care, the only chance these 
children have of getting through this is to be admitted to a specialist 
hospital. Today, the rare cases that are treated are transferred to European 
hospitals at an exorbitant cost. "Only eight children were able to benefit from 
this in 2019," explains Roger Milla, regretfully.

Hoping to open in the first quarter of 2022, the reference hospital will 
provide complete and free-of-charge surgical care, facial reconstruction and 
rehabilitation services for noma patients from all over Africa. Construction 
has been earmarked for a plot of land near Yaoundé-Nsimalen Airport, made 
available by the Cameroonian State.

"The WHO as well as the International NoNoma Federation and the foundation 
Winds of Hope have also provided us with assurances of their support," said 
Roger Milla.

About Noma Fund
Noma Fund is an association dedicated to the fight against "the face of 

Established in Paris in January 2019, Noma Fund aims to completely eradicate 
noma disease, also known as the "face of poverty." To achieve this, the 
association plans to implement targeted and effective actions in ten focus 
countries in Africa: Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, CAR, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, 
Nigeria, Togo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal and Chad. 

The action plan, "Acting Against Noma 2021-2030," kicks off with an 
awareness-raising phase, aimed at getting the word out about the disease among 
populations and global decision makers. The second phase will focus on 
prevention. It will involve the roll-out of screening campaigns in schools and 
among families located in the heart of areas with high incidence rates of the 
disease. Finally, the third phase of the plan is the construction of a 
reference hospital located in Yaoundé, which will provide specialized care for 
noma patients. At the same time, reception and social reintegration centers 
will be built in the 10 project countries.

About Roger Milla 
Voted best African player of the last 50 years, Roger Milla has left his mark 
on an entire generation. 

Today, he dedicates his life to his humanitarian commitments. President of the 
Fondation Cœur d'Afrique, in 2018 he discovered noma disease. A year later in 
2019, along with other big names in football, he founded the Noma Fund.

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