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Back #BeliKreatifDanauToba: Minister of Tourism Gets Behind New Campaign and Encourages Public to be Proud of Local Toba Products
MEDAN, Indonesia, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire-Asianet/ --

In a policy announcement on Saturday (20/02), Indonesia's Minister of Tourism 
and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, encouraged the public to "get 
behind the new #BeliKreatifDanauToba movement" (BKDT) with pride in Indonesia 
and Lake Toba products. 


The Minister announced the new policy alongside a series of guidelines by the 
Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan; 
the Governor of the Bank Indonesia Perry Warjiyo; Minister of Finance Sri 
Mulyani Indrawati; Minister of Communications and Information Johny Gerard 
Plate, and the Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Angela 
Tanoesoedibjo from Balige North Sumatra; and the Regent of Dairi Regency Eddy 
Keleng Ate Berutu.

Leading by example, Sandiaga launched the new Beli Kreatif Danau Toba policy at 
Debang Resort, Dairi, North Sumatra in a traditional songket Tapak Catur with 
Ulos Simalungun motif by local fashion designer, Irsan.

"I came directly from Dairi Regency wearing my traditional Tapak Catur songket 
clothes specifically to express my appreciation to this incredibly creative 
designer and to demonstrate my wholehearted support for the Beli Kreatif Danau 
Toba movement. This outfit is one of the many examples of local Toba products 
that have been transformed into one of Indonesian's exclusive economic 
products," said the Minister for Tourism and Creative Economy, Mr Sandiaga 
Salahuddin Uno. 

#BeliKreatifDanauToba (BKDT)

The BKDT movement consists of two main programs:

Providing support to local Toba-based businesses through up-skilling 
To improve marketability through "to market assistance", helping artisans 
expand domestic sales or export volume to increase turnover and employment.
To ensure the central BKDT policy's success, MOTCE has prepared three 
strategies: innovation, adaptation, and collaboration to stimulate the tourism 
and creative economy sector in Indonesia.

Commenting on MoTCE's support of the central government's policy, Minister Uno, 
said "The three strategies and series of programs are designed to help 
facilitate the growth of Lake Toba's 5,700 creative economy artisanal 
businesses in North Sumatra."

He added, "In addition, as a grassroots campaign for the country, each has been 
designed with collaboration in mind between ministries, local governments, 
marketplaces, MSE communities, and creative economy actors so we can all play 
our part and show our support for Indonesia's development."

In line with the Bangga Buatan Indonesia (BBI) National Movement, launched by 
the President in 2020, MOTCE has also introduced the Beli Kreatif Lokal 
(purchase innovative local products) campaign. The new policy will provide 
market support and assistance to artisans in the fashion, crafts, and culinary 
subsectors in the Jabodetabek area.

In 2021, MOTCE will expand the BBI national movement derivative program to 
facilitate Indonesian artisans' growth in North Sumatra under the BKDT program. 

In addition, MOTCE will also promote Lake Toba as a 'Super Priority 
Destination', with development to be monitored by President Joko Widodo.

"Through this program, the MOTCE wants to encourage a sense of pride in the 
purchase and use of local products from North Sumatra among the public so that 
we can actively take part in national economic recovery," Sandiaga explained.

Source: Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

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   Caption: Indonesia's Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga 
Salahuddin Uno, during the Launch of Beli Kreatif Danau Toba at Debang Resort, 
Dairi, North Sumatra on Saturday (20/2/2021).