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Building the New 5G Messaging Ecosystem and Empowering the Digital New Economy
SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

At MWC Shanghai, ZTE and the GSMA hosted the 5G Messaging Forum: Building the 
New 5G Messaging Ecosystem and Empowering the Digital New Economy. The forum 
attracted industry leaders from the GSMA, CCSA (China Communications Standards 
Association), AFCA (Asia Financial Cooperation Association), China UnionPay, 
Zhejiang Meteorological Service Centre, China Telecom, China Mobile, China 
Unicom, Japan's KDDI and other leading operators around the world, as well as 
leading 5G Messaging vendors such as ZTE, Guodu Interconnection, Shanghai 
Dahantricom Corporation and Whale Cloud Technology. More than 300 executives 
and experts from governments, operators and enterprises around the world 
attended, both online and offline, to share their experience in 5G Messaging 
and explore their application prospects.

In April last year, the three major operators in China jointly released a white 
paper, aiming to make the 5G Messaging service a universal 5G information and 
communication service with multi-terminal support, wide coverage, and 
multi-industry empowerment. In the same year, the GSMA released its 
specification which indicated that 5G Messaging should be included in the 
mandatory functions of 5G terminals. At present, the related industry standards 
have been formulated in China.

Wang Xiang, Senior Vice President (SVP) of ZTE, said: "5G Messaging has the 
potential to have a bright future. To help drive the digital economy, ZTE hopes 
to provide full support for operators in building 5G Messaging networks and 
developing services, leveraging its 5G Messaging technologies and commercial 
experience. ZTE will also work with upstream and downstream partners in the 
industry chain, including operators, terminal manufacturers, service providers, 
and enterprise users, to build a 5G Messaging application ecosystem."

Today, through the joint efforts of the three major Chinese operators and 
industry chain partners, the 5G Messaging industry ecosystem has taken shape. 
In terms of its commercial application, the three major operators, together 
with ZTE and other network equipment partners, have actively promoted the 
construction of 5G Messaging platforms, and the networks have all met the 
large-scale commercial application conditions. In terms of terminal 
application, more than 60 terminals from mainstream mobile phone manufacturers 
have been released to support 5G Messaging to date. In terms of application 
ecosystem construction, 5G Messaging fully demonstrates the innovative 
application scenarios that can be integrated with thousands of industries. ZTE 
supports the three major operators in carrying out industrial research, holding 
developer competitions and commercial trials, and has incubated over 300 
applications in nine major industries such as government and finance.

"Learning from cases in Japan, South Korea, and the United States, the three 
operators will seek to actively explore ecological cooperation and develop 
together. They will strive to concentrate resources and give full play to the 
network value specified in Metcalfe's Law, laying the foundation for better 
interconnection and unified access for CSPs in future," said Zhang Yunyong, 
CPPCC member and Product Centre General Manager at China Unicom.

At present, the trend is towards the digital economy. "5G Messaging empowers 
thousands of industries and will connect the last mile for services to reach 
users of the digital economy," said Wang Quan, Vice President of ZTE, in a 
keynote speech. "ZTE is committed to becoming a driver of the digital economy 
and building the 'widest and fastest' last-mile message channel for customers. 
The ZTE AnyMessaging 5G Messaging platform solution supports AnyNetwork (any 
network access), AnyService (any industrial application access), AnyWhere (any 
cloud environment deployment) and AnyScale (any capacity deployment)," he 
explained. "ZTE will continue to build a technology-leading and commercial 
leading 5G Messaging platform for operators. All ZTE 5G mobile phone series 
launched this year will support 5G Messaging, and the ZTE 5G Messaging platform 
leads in trials and is now commercial-ready. We will make all efforts to 
support operators in promoting full coverage of terminals. To accelerate 
industrial upgrades, we have launched Openlab 2.0, and released the first 
certification system in the industry, providing CSPs with suggestions on 5G 
Messaging technology, operation and training. The first four CSPs have obtained 
the certification. We will also cooperate with China Telecommunication 
Technology Labs (CTTL) in the field of 5G Messaging certification," he 

Furthermore, as the 5G-era upgrade to traditional short message services, 5G 
Messaging has been widely recognised by global operators. Wang Quan confirmed 
that "5G Messaging should develop alongside the global scope to build a global 
5G Messaging ecosystem." At the forum, ZTE announced the global 5G Messaging 
cooperation plan, and launched the '0 CAPEX Trial' initiative, which will 
provide global operators with 0 CAPEX 5G Messaging trials based on public 
clouds. ZTE will invite global industry chain partners to build a global 5G 
Messaging ecosystem and promote the benefits of global 5G Messaging services.

In future, as the first 5G application in large-scale commercial use serving 
public and industry users, 5G Messaging will bring the benefits of 5G 
technologies and digital services to billions of users around the world. 5G 
Messaging demonstrates the concept of "Science for Good", enabling all users to 
enjoy the convenience of intelligent services, bringing new models to the 
digital transformation of industries, injecting momentum into the development 
of the digital economy, and empowering it with safe and universal-benefit 

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   Caption: Building the New 5G Messaging Ecosystem and Empowering the Digital 
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