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Tuesday, March 02 2021 - 01:15
Zuoyebang Named Key Player in MIT Technology Review's 2021 List of 10 Breakthrough Technologies
BEIJING, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Zuoyebang, China's leading online after-school education start-up, was 
recognized by MIT Technology Review's 10 Breakthrough Technologies ("TR10") as 
one of the key players in "remote everything". Wang Yan, Chief Architect of 
Zuoyebang, attended the unveiling event and delivered a keynote speech on how 
innovative remote technologies have accelerated Zuoyebang's development, with 
Zouyebang now an industry leader with the largest user base in China. 

TR10 is an annual selection of the year's most important technologies. Launched 
in 2001 and published by the editors of MIT Technology Review, TR10 identifies 
emerging technologies that have the greatest potential to be commercialized and 
change the world. On this year's list, "Remote everything" was highlighted due 
to its importance for reinventing healthcare and education amid the global 
COVID-19 pandemic. Zuoyebang's robust growth testifies to its strength and 
potential for helping address students' individual needs and the imbalance of 
education resources across different areas. 

Wang Yan noted that remote technology, in conjunction with other technologies 
such as big data and AI, will continue to power online education and transform 
traditional learning. Wang said remote technology will continue to rise in 
significance and that inclusiveness is the most important outcome of online 
education, echoing Zuoyebang's mission of "making quality education accessible 
to all". 

Taking Zuoyebang as an example, its strength in distance learning is mainly 
reflected in two areas, namely live streaming courses and the photo search 
function for problem-solving. For live streaming courses, Zuoyebang has 
upgraded its technological infrastructure and developed proprietary 
technologies that withstood the surge of traffic in the early period of 
COVID-19, ensuring stable and smooth connections for over 33 million students. 
To make learning more interactive and personalized, Zuoyebang also provided 
different class sizes, including 1-N large classes, interactive classes for 
groups of six students, and after-class tutoring for 1v1. 

As to Zuoyebang's photo search and problem-solving tool, Wang said that 
Zuoyebang has optimized its AI algorithm, significantly increasing recognition 
rates for photos of books, handwriting and screens. Thanks to a massive, 
parallelized GPU computing cluster, Zuoyanbang can complete a search within 
200ms. Moreover, it can complete one million searches per minute of its library 
of over 300 million questions, and provide step-by-step explanations, with an 
accuracy rate higher than 97%. Zuoyebang has the largest user base in China's 
online after-school education market, with more than 50 million daily active 
users, 170 million monthly active users, and 800 million registered user 
devices in total. Wang emphasized during the round-table discussion that 
Zuoyebang has committed to technological innovation and developing cutting-edge 
technologies including big data, computing and AI, and will continue to 
optimize the online education infrastructure and improve the learning 

About Zuoyebang 

Founded in 2015, Zuoyebang is the largest online after-school education 
start-up in China, offering a comprehensive suite of online tutoring products 
and services for students across all academic subjects. With the mission of 
"making quality education accessible to all", the company is a 
technology-driven online after-school education services provider that 
addresses the unmet needs in China's after-school education market by 
increasing the coverage and penetration of quality online after-school tutoring 
across the country. 

SOURCE: Zuoyebang

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   Caption: Wang Yan, Chief Architect of Zuoyebang, speaks at the MIT 
Technology Review TR10 event