Country for PR: China
Contributor: PR Newswire Asia (China)
Wednesday, April 07 2021 - 18:12
Absen Builds Asia's Largest 8K Ultra HD Virtual Studio
SHENZHEN, China, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsaiNet/ --

LED virtual studios are an emerging technology that has come under the 
spotlight in recent years in both Chinese and international professional film 
shooting markets. Integrating the latest LED display technology with a virtual 
camera system and real-time rendering system, LED virtual studios bring 
extraordinary effects of cinematography. Thanks to the strength of its 
innovation, Absen has just built and launched Asia's largest indoor panoramic 
LED stereoscopic virtual studio, which will now go into use.

The stereoscopic LED virtual studio is 6 meters high and has a diameter of 24 
meters, taking up a total area of more than 700 square meters, and consisting 
of a ceiling screen and a curved screen.

This is the first attempt by China's film and television market to construct 
such a structure. Through relentless innovation and a drive to constantly try 
new things, the Absen team finally solved technical problems with steel 
welding, load-bearing, ceiling fixing, and connecting the ceiling and backdrop 
curved screen.

Absen's LED display makes use of a PWM constant current LED driver, which 
greatly improves image display and grayscale level, so that even the darkest 
textures in a picture are visible. The dynamic and vividly vibrant image 
effects mean that everything in the picture comes out clearly.  In addition, 
Absen's LED display has a high refresh rate, enabling it to quickly respond to 
a dynamic picture and synchronize with a high-speed camera without leaving any 
trace of scanning lines. This technology has allowed it to "surmount many 
pan-focusing challenges and become an alternative to shooting on location."

With the help of Absen's giant panoramic 270 LED display, completely real-time, 
"what you see is what you get" film and television production now is a reality.

By directly viewing the shooting environment and modifying scene effects in 
real time, creators have more flexibility to actualize their artistic ideas. 
Now epic, grand-scale photography can be done even in a limited space, saving 
time, energy and the need for an actual change of scenery. The LED virtual 
studio can also accurately produce light sources and the reflection and 
refraction effects of its reflectors are almost indistinguishable from reality, 
making video truer to life. 

LED virtual studios already play a significant role in film and television 
shooting, and are set to become a major trend in the photography industry in 
the near future.

Absen virtual studio LED solutions has excellent performance:

-10/12bit input and 16bit output with HDR support; 
-Absen LED panels are able to work with higher frame rates which can reach up 
to 144 frames per second, it makes it possible to shoot slow-motion visual 
effects with over-cranked cameras against LED screens and still retain perfect 
synchronization between screen and camera. 
-Low latency with frame delays as low as 1 frame; 
-The genlock can lock the processor at the camera shutter to achieve seamless 
synchronization of virtual scenes and character movements.

At present, the LED virtual studio Absen launched has been adopted by XR Studio in Canada, Channel 5 in Russia, Catalyst Connect in 
the UK, Show Imaging Studio in the US, and many other films and television 
producers. These examples of its application in industry demonstrate its 
significant advantages. Absen has also been continuously developing other new 
technologies and products, with the aim of bringing more practical solutions to 
the market.