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Thursday, April 08 2021 - 23:02
The 2021 International Horticultural Exposition Opens in Yangzhou
YANGZHOU, China, Apr. 8, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

At the intersection of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal, the 2021 
International Horticultural Exposition opens on the morning of April 8. This is 
the first time that the grand event of the global horticulture industry has 
settled in the Yangtze River Delta. The concept of China's green development 
has been spread to the world once again.

According to the Organizing Committee of 2021 International Horticultural 
Exposition, the 6-month expo (from April 8 to October 8) will be located in the 
largest hilly ecological park in East China, the provincial tourist resort 
Zaolin Bay Tourism Resort, with a total area of 230 hectares. The expo has a 
total of 64 exhibition parks. In addition to the Jiangsu exhibition area, which 
has 13 districted city exhibition parks, there are a total of 26 cities and 
enterprises participating in the domestic exhibition area, and 25 cities and 
organizations from abroad.

The expo fully shows the unique advantages of the world's gardening book Yuanye 
and implements the idea of "Even though made by humans, like from heaven". It 
is uniquely built the International Pavilion using "Finless Porpoise" as the 
blueprint, the largest artificial waterfall in Jiangsu "Fantasy Waterfall" 
plastic rockery, "Great Forest and Valleys" China Pavilion with large-scale 
wood structure, and "Qionghua Xianji" Yuanye theme park. 

Adhering to the concept of "Green Dream, Green Construction, Green Life", the 
expo, guiding the preliminary design and resource allocation, vigorously 
promoted the deep integration of the exhibition and post-operations, and 
actively explored the sustainable use of the expo.

The International Horticultural Exposition is a global event reviewed and 
approved by the International Horticultural Producers Association. It aims to 
promote international exchanges in the horticultural industry and culture and 
protect the world's biodiversity by displaying the latest achievements and 
technologies. It is to achieve "harmonious symbiosis between man and nature".

Since the beginning in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 1960, the expo has been 
held in Europe and Asia for nearly 40 sessions, of which China has hosted 9 
times. It is of great significance and far-reaching influence.

Source: The Organizing Committee of 2021 International Horticultural Exposition

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   Caption: "Great Forest and Valleys" China Pavilion

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