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Thursday, April 08 2021 - 23:41
Fusion Energy: ASG will make the magnetic heart of ENEA's DTT
GENOA, Italy, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Italy is working on the future of fusion energy with the goal of producing 
renewable and safe energy with the same process as the sun and stars: the 
machine called DTT – Divertor Tokamak Test is under construction in the ENEA 
Centre in Frascati and ASG Superconductors will make its magnetic heart 
composed of 18 superconductive toroidal coils.

The 18 superconductive TF coils, which measure over 6 meters and weigh 16 tons 
each, will be produced in a 48month period at the ASG La Spezia plant thanks to 
careful selection of materials, innovative production processes, computerized 
mechanical and magnetic quality measurements, high-tech thermal reaction 
conductors treatment and welding processes to extremely stringent geometric 
The order for the 18 maxi magnets able to contain and stabilize the plasma was 
assigned to ASG Superconductors following an international tender for a total 
value of 33 million euros. 

The Italian DTT infrastructure will be a focal point of scientific and 
industrial research for the realization of fusion for reliable and durable 
clean energy.

The DTT machine generates energy by converting the heat released by the fusion 
reaction: it is a question of compressing a deuterium and tritium gas until it 
forms a plasma that must reach and maintain temperatures equal to 200,000,000°C 
- about 10 times the interior temperature of the Sun.
The DTT will be, along with ITER in France and JT-60SA in Japan, among the most 
important predecessors of DEMO, the first fusion-based power plant. 
ASG has developed and built superconducting magnets for the most important 
fusion energy projects over the last 40 years. Also, it is involved on major 
projects such as ITER—the largest international fusion collaboration. Under the 
co-ordination of Fusion for Energy, ASG has been involved in the toroidal and 
poloidal coils production.

ASG collaborates on the theme of fusion also with UKAEA - United Kingdom Atomic 
Energy Agency. The skills of ASG are not limited to fabrication of magnets, but 
also include studies and consultancy on material properties, mechanics, 
cryogenics, industrial engineering and project management throughout the supply 
chain from design to installation.

The know-how gained by ASG in these particular projects will contribute to real 
innovation in everyday life thanks to the development of new superconductive 
cables and systems. These innovations will in fact be revolutionary in 
industrial processes with high-energy consumption and for smart and future 
electricity grids.

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Source: ASG Superconductors S.p.A