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Saturday, April 10 2021 - 03:24
Winning in the Digital Era with the Power of Global Ecosystems: H3C Hosts NAVIGATE 2021 International Business Summit
NANJING, China, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire-Asianet/ --

The H3C NAVIGATE 2021 International Business Summit came to an end today with 
more than 100 industry experts, scholars, senior executives and business 
partners from across the world in attendance. The International Business Summit 
was just one of the highlights of the company's annual NAVIGATE Summit, which 
saw H3C announce its new Cloud & AI Native strategy as well as its updated 
Digital Brain 2021 project, which will further assist partners in a range of 
industries worldwide to empower their digital transformations. 

"Our new Cloud & AI Native strategy will provide the digital innovation 
capabilities to accelerate the extraction of value from data and drive the 
development and transformation of the industry," said Tony Yu, Chairman of the 
Board of Unisplendour & CEO of H3C, during NAVIGATE 2021's main session. 

Steven Yoe, CTO & Co-President of H3C, added that: "H3C will build a new 
generation Digital Brain based on the six AI Native digital technology 
capabilities, empowering industry partners to enter a new stage of digital 

During the main session, H3C also demonstrated its innovation and 
implementation of industry solutions, with H3C Vice President and President of 
the Solution Department Li Li introducing H3C's ambitions to empower industry 
transformation. Such solutions include partner-based services and technological 
innovation combined with one-stop services to help accelerate digital 
transformation across industries.

Following the main session, the "New Life Together, New Future" International 
Summit was held, during which Gary Huang, Co-President of H3C and President of 
International Business, and Dr. James Chen, Senior Vice President of H3C and 
Executive President of Unigroup Cloud & AI BG, delivered keynote speeches.

H3C has upgraded its Cloud & AI Integration platform for 2021, with the company 
committed to developing the platform as a globally-leading digital solution 
through its end-to-end solution capabilities and diversified pool of 
professional talent. With the continuous growth in demand for digital 
transformation services worldwide, H3C has established representative offices 
in seven overseas markets since it first expanded outside of China in 2019. Its 
international business covers more than 30 countries in industries such as 
government, education, telecommunications, energy, healthcare, transportation 
and finance.

"Relying on our 'Partner First' strategy, H3C is ready to work with partners to 
build an open, diversified and win-win ecosystem of cooperation. By continuing 
to optimize our global channels, we will help customers to grasp digital 
development opportunities, through which we aim to become one of the top three 
mainstream suppliers in target markets over the next five years," said Huang.

"Under the framework of 'AI in ALL' and 'Digital Brain 2021', H3C will provide 
customized solutions for more enterprises that are exploring effective paths of 
digital transformation, working together to realize the best value in digital 
transformation," added Chen.

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C is committed to continuously promoting 
the exchange of value between the digital world and the physical world through 
cloud computing and AI technology, helping more enterprises to become leaders 
in digital transformation. H3C's ambition is to work with companies across all 
industries, at home and abroad, to put intelligence first and build the future 

Source: H3C

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   Caption: As one of the highlights of H3C’s annual NAVIGATE Summit, the H3C 
NAVIGATE 2021 International Business Summit came to an end today with more than 
100 industry experts, scholars, senior executives and business partners from 
across the world in attendance.