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Contributor: Kyodo News JBN
Friday, April 16 2021 - 17:00
e-Gle's 4th-Generation Air-cooled In-wheel Motor System Receives GB/T18488 Certification for Chinese Motor Standard
KAWASAKI, Japan, Apr. 16, 2021 /Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/ --

e-Gle Co., Ltd., a developer of in-wheel motors for electric vehicles led by EV 
pioneer Hiroshi Shimizu, has received GB/T18488 certification for its motor 
system for electric vehicles in China.

Please refer to the picture for the motor appearance.

The electric vehicle market is undergoing rapid changes due to the growth of 
China, a significant market, from the second half of 2020. For effective 
commercialization of its motor system under these circumstances, e-Gle has 
decided to aim for certification with a prototype motor made in Japan and 
conducted tests at the Shanghai Test Center (National Quality Control 
Inspection Center for Automotive Products) to obtain national certification.

The current mainstream of electric vehicle motors is the onboard type. Still, 
the in-wheel type, in which the motor is housed in the wheel, offers greater 
flexibility in vehicle design and other possibilities. There are precedents for 
water-cooled in-wheel motors, but the e-Gle motor is unique in that it is 
air-cooled with a simple structure and achieves high performance.

In China, e-Gle is currently working on a production partnership agreement with 
the CRRC Group through its Chinese subsidiary, Shanghai e-Gle New Energy 
Automotive Technology Co.

The main specifications of the 4th-generation motor system that has been 
certified this time are as follows. Besides, e-Gle is currently developing a 
next-generation motor with even higher performance (a new cooling system with a 
built-in inverter).

Motor type: Outer rotor direct-drive in-wheel motor
Cooling method: Air cooling
Model number: Motor TZ375X-4ND5D01 / Inverter KTZ40X60S-4ND5D01V
Dimensions: 399 mm x 92.5 mm
Weight: 35kg
Max torque: 620Nm
Maximum output: 65kw

Source: e-Gle Co., Ltd.