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Friday, April 23 2021 - 12:48
HAVAL's Two Star Products Debuted At Auto Shanghai 2021, Showing GWM's Strength In Technological Research
SHANGHAI, April 23, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

On April 19, JOLION and 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 debuted at Auto Shanghai 2021. The two 
models are the star products based on the globalized high intelligent modular 
L.E.M.O.N. Platform and are equipped with technological configurations, 
consolidating HAVAL's leading power in the first market. These two models are 
gradually being released to overseas markets.

The trendy SUV HAVAL JOLION has already been released in South Africa, Iraq, 
Saudi Arabia and Australia, where it has gained popularity. Not only does it 
support cutting-edge technologies such as mobile phone wireless charging, 
full-scene automatic parking, electronic knob shift and L2 + automatic driving, 
but it also comes with high-performance, low-energy consumption. It is equipped 
with a 1.5T engine (4g15k) and turbocharging technology, with a maximum power 
of 110kW, a maximum torque of 22N*m and 1.5 T HEV power, enabling it to improve 
fuel economy and be cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Standard / sport 
/ economy / snowfield driving modes are available to meet the driving needs of 
different road conditions.

The 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 will be launched globally in the near future and comes as 
an innovative work integrating oriental aesthetics and future science and 
technology. This model is equipped with L2 + automatic driving, including ACC, 
intelligent cruise assists and full-scene automatic parking. It is the only 
model in its class with full-scene recognition AEB and the latest 9.3 
generation ESP system, safeguarding the stability of car body and providing 
all-round safety guarantee for drivers and passengers. In addition, it is the 
world's first non-luxury brand equipped with reverse tracking function, 
offering users a pleasant and comfortable experience in driving.

These two models are based on L.E.M.O.N. Platform and come in a full range of 
verification design from vehicle to parts, ensuring their performances are up 
to the international leading level.

This Platform features high performance, high safety, high flexibility and 
light weight. It was created by GWM under the principle of "considerable 
investment in R&D". With this principle, GWM has formed a research and 
development layout with China as the center, covering "seven countries and ten 
regions" in Europe, Asia and North America. Such a layout boasts global 
elements and core competitiveness in science and technology.

GWM has set out an upward road to informationization, intelligence and 
interconnection of everything. In addition to this highly intelligent modular 
platform, it has developed a professional off-road TANK Platform and COFIS 
Intelligence for full vehicle intelligence. With its great efforts, it has 
built up a "technological barrier", expediting GWM's strategies of 
globalization, and enabling its users around the world to appreciate the 
surprise from scientific and technological innovation and live a more 
convenient and enjoyable life.


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   Caption: HAVAL JOLION and 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 appearance and interior design