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Tuesday, May 04 2021 - 08:00
The Sex Education You Didn't Have, And Every Child Needs
BRISBANE, Australia, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --


Jasmine Cherie Turner, Principal & Founder of Sacred Pathways Education, made 
her debut on the stages of The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference on 
the Gold Coast earlier this month, presenting to an audience of Child 
Psychiatrists, Speech pathologists, School principles, guidance counsellors and 
policy makers; speaking on the subject: 'A pleasure centred approach to Sexual 
well being & protective behaviours education'

The Sacred Pathway curriculum, which can be downloaded at, is a culmination of her personal and professional 
development over the last 15 years encompassing EQ, Leadership, communication & 
sexual literacy; and is supported by a team of expert practitioners & 
facilitators in the areas of child psychology, psycho-sexual development, 
mental health and leadership. 

Jasmine's presentation attracted one of the largest delegate audiences at the 
Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference 2021, not long followed by being 
granted a meeting with influential members of government in Education who are 
meeting with a range of stakeholders and working  intensively on this issue at 
the moment; 

About these two turn of events, Jasmine says: "Emotional Intelligence & Sexual 
Literacy education will alter the trajectory of every child's destiny. Once 
these two fundamental aspects of a child's holistic well-being is mastered, 
their life is their own and their potential realised, the popularity  of our 
presentation and the interest of federal ministers is encouraging and assures 
us we're on the right track" 

Sacred Pathways Education is offering Parents, Students and teachers a program 
that explores sexuality, sexual wellbeing, relationships, family dynamics, 
boundaries and consent in a holistic and integrated way; with the aim to 
restore & redefine the reverence & innocence of childhood. 

A recent study found that the current sex education curriculum is failing our 
students because it is predominantly focused on STI prevention & biological 
function; rather than positive sexual awareness and experiences that offer the 
emotional intelligence and social competency skills our students need. 

And According to ACARA, Australian students find community organisations such 
as Sacred Pathways Education that create programs facilitated by trained peer 
educators, enhances and expands upon the quality of their sex education, and 
offers a wholistic and insightful approach, that is often times more relevant & 
relatable to both teacher & student community. 

Sacred Pathway Education programs have been specifically designed to provide 
our young people with a healthy understanding of their emotional bodies & 
experiences; how to have healthy relationships and a sexual education that 
cultivates an empowered young person that can make clear sound decisions. In 
deed a far cry from the current core curriculum focus.

The future of sex education is upon us, and it is clear, organisations such as 
Sacred Pathways Education are trailblazing ahead of our current sex education 
curriculum, filling the gaps that parents and students are asking for. School 
Guidance counsellors, pedagogy directors, and all teachers and educators who 
believe it's their responsibility and privilege to support our young people are 
encouraged to find out more about what Sacred Pathways Education is all about 
by going to their website and downloading the 2021 Prospectus. 

Sacred Pathways Education is a Brisbane based Organisation on a mission to 
instigate social change through innovative sexual health and emotional 
wellbeing programs for schools, Australia wide. 

Please send enquiries to:, Phone: 0477 292 353
Photo credit: Stepha Doyle

SOURCE:  Sacred Pathways Education

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   Caption: Sacred Pathways Education Principal and Founder Jasmine Cherie 
Turner is on a mission to instigate social change through innovative sexual 
health and emotional wellbeing programs for schools, Australia wide. Photo by 
Stepha Doyle.

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