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Friday, May 07 2021 - 10:00
Universities Leverage Latest in Automation to Migrate and Uplift Courses
MELBOURNE, Australia, May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Crystal Delta, a global leader in education technology (EdTech), has recently 
announced ground-breaking advancements to its industry-leading course migration 
product to support educational institutes. Crane (course migration 
application)( ) transforms and migrates courses 
in mere days, compared to current market technology that can take weeks and 

Education providers moving to a new LMS have always had two tasks to contend 
1) Migrate courses, and;
2) Uplift (transform) courses. The first step has multiple solutions in the 
market, including Crane, but the second step can often take many months and 
hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete.

The latest release of Crane includes industry first innovations in intelligent 
automation, which can now Uplift courses during or after an automated 
migration. By allowing users to specify a target template, Crane can transform 
the content to suit the desired layout and structure. Cutting course uplift 
down to days and still within the industry's most competitive price.

"We noticed our education customers were struggling to migrate and then uplift 
their courses within an effective delivery timeframe. These delays cost 
Educational Institutes significant amounts, but more importantly, it affects 
students and their access to education." said David Mackenzie, Crane Product 
Owner and Crystal Delta CTO.

Crane's course migration capabilities remain unmatched in the marketplace, with 
its ability to migrate courses from and to a range of Learning Management 
Systems (LMS). Educational institutes utilizing popular platforms such as 
Blackboard, Instructure, and D2L (among others), can now migrate and uplift 
courses to new learning standards in record time and the most competitive cost 
in the market. With the latest additions, including a self-service portal, 
we've proven bulk migrations with uplift, from Blackboard Learn to Blackboard 
Ultra at 2,500 courses per day.

RMIT University leveraged the solution to accelerate their course migration, 
delivering hundreds of courses within days. "Our manual course migration 
project was running behind schedule, and we decided to approach the Crystal 
Delta team to assist. Crystal Delta's automation delivered migrated courses 
with consistent quality at high speed, and they completed the migration of 
courses ahead of the project deadline." stated Tass Katsoulidis, Director of 
Learning & Teaching Solutions, RMIT University.

The Crane course migration application has migrated thousands of courses for 
small and large education institutions in Australia, Asia, and the United 

"We aim to make complex things simple. Education institutes and students of 
today deserve the right to advanced technology to accelerate the learning 
experience." mentioned Balaji Baradhazhvar, CEO at Crystal Delta.

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SOURCE  Crystal Delta