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Tuesday, June 01 2021 - 16:00
KADOKAWA ASCII Introduces INNO 2021: Worldwide Innovation, Collaboration, and JPY3,000,000 Support for Creative Thinkers
TOKYO, June 1, 2021 /Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/ --

- Opportunities to Receive Support for Applicants' Unusual Inventions and Ideas 

KADOKAWA ASCII Research Laboratories, Inc. of Tokyo, the executing agency for 
the "INNO-vation Program," implemented by the Japanese Ministry of Internal 
Affairs and Communications, presents the 2021 INNO-vation Program ( ), an annual effort to encourage global innovation on an 
unprecedented level, searching for creative, out-of-the-box minds to help the 
human race take the next steps in the technological revolution. 



With the opportunity to receive support for eccentric technology, applicants 
can be part of the sponsor's esteemed graduate program to promote collaboration 
and teamwork, and propel their ideas into the ever-changing future. As the new 
decade begins, the INNO-vation Program is opening its doors to applications 
internationally and looks forward to building a bright new future together, 
overcoming COVID-19's recent impact on society.

From June 1, 2021, to August 2, 2021, the INNO-vation Program is taking 
applications to find these innovators and is offering support to successful 

Applicants' ideas can be made a reality thanks to the support offered by some 
of the world's greatest technological and business leaders offering their 
insight and guidance. With the Disruptive Challenge and the Generation Award, 
applicants have the opportunity to create something from nothing or take 
inspiration from given themes respectively. As the program begins a new year, 
applicants have the opportunity to "Embrace your INNO*," without being limited 
by nationality, age, or background.

*INNO - from the Japanese kanji meaning "unusual ability"

"Innovation depends on unique insights and untested theories. New ideas are 
often misunderstood at first, and it's important that we nurture creativity and 
ambition." -- a statement made by Adam D'Angelo, CEO of Quora, upon joining the 
INNO-vation Program as a program advisor. Nurturing these "buds" of INNO and 
actively supporting those ideas unbound by conventional wisdom is foundational 
to the core of the program. 

Previous graduates of the INNO-vation Program have created wonderful products 
in art, technology, automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, and much 
more. With startup companies forming daily around the globe, the INNO-vation 
Program is proud to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovative 
thinkers to change the world. 

Disruptive Challenge
Proposals that boldly take on challenges and can offer a major change to 
society and industry, without fear of failure are highly sought. Following a 
great success internationally in 2020, individuals across the world can put 
forward their proposals and be eligible for funding as part of the program up 
to JPY3,000,000 for one year without being limited by age, background, or 

Generation Award
In cooperation with the Cooperative Partners of this program, Category Award 
Prizes (JPY200,000 each) and Special Corporate Awards will be offered. In 
addition, those proposals nominated for the awards (223 from last year) will be 
given the opportunity to implement their ideas in cooperation with these 
partnering companies.

INNO-vation Network Hub
Opportunities to partner with the INNO-vation Program as part of the 
INNO-vation Network Hub are also available. In the hope to help find and grow 
INNO within individuals worldwide, the INNO-vation Program is recruiting 
partnerships with institutes to collaborate with and assist the program in 
cultivating the next generation of thinkers and tinkerers globally.

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