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Saturday, June 12 2021 - 00:14
Less Salty, More Savory: Angel Yeast Reduces Global Sodium Intake with Yeast Extract Range
SHANGHAI, June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd ("Angel Yeast"), a listed high-tech yeast company in 
China, made a splash at the 24th Food Ingredients China, one of the largest 
trade shows in the field of food additives and ingredients.  

At the event, which took place from June 8 to 10 in Shanghai, Angel Yeast 
presented a series of innovative results that represent a new trend in the 
industry's development. Among all the items on display, the yeast extract 
("YE") solutions range garnered most attention. 

With more than 20 years of R&D, Angel Yeast has played a leading role in 
popularizing a range of innovative YE solutions that enhance taste and help 
reduce sodium intake. Angel Yeast's YE is derived from natural, nutritional 
fresh yeast and pack a magic flavor explosion — making it the ideal replacement 
for traditional umami enhancers such as MSG. 

High sodium consumption can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and 
stroke. In a bid to cut back sodium intake around the world, WHO Member States 
have agreed on a global target to drive down salt intake by 30 percent by 2025. 
In turn, food innovators are being challenged to continue delivering taste 
while lessening their reliance on sodium — and yeast extract is fast becoming a 
game-changer in the modern food industry.

"Angel Yeast's Yeast Extracts provide mature, effective low-sodium 
flavor-enhancement solutions for soy sauce, instant noodles, mustard tubes, 
puffed snack foods, meat products and more. With proven reductions in salt and 
more flavor than other products in the market, we truly believe our yeast 
extract will play a significant role in helping the WHO cut down global sodium 
intake," said Li Pei, Technical Director of Angel's YE.

The Angel Yeast team has developed a comprehensive set of industrialized 
technologies for yeast strain breeding, high-efficiency fermentation, compound 
enzymatic hydrolysis, and salt reduction without flavor reduction. 

Already sold in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, Angel Yeast's YE 
range includes natural food seasoning innovations that are suitable for a 
diverse array of food applications. The company has a Basic YE in both powder 
and paste forms, as well as Umami solutions, which are ideal for those seeking 
clean label alternatives to sodium and MSG. Meanwhile, the Mouthfulness YE 
offers a pleasant and stimulating mouthfeel, and the Flavor YE delivers 
specific notes of soy sauce, chicken, beef, and more for seasoning and 
flavoring manufacturers.

The company also produces AngeoPro, an innovative protein source solution for 
vegans and vegetarians. Ideal for plant-based foods, AngeoPro contributes to 
taste enhancement and boosts nutrition while masking off-flavors. 

Through its YE range, Angel Yeast has revolutionized the food seasoning 
industry — using new ingredients to transform traditional seasonings and 
support the world in achieving its global salt reduction goal. With the goal to 
make the world "Less salty, more savory" and perfect the art of taste, Angel 
Yeast's YE is the ideal solution for modern food innovators.

About Angel Yeast

Founded in 1986, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd specializes in the production of yeast 
and yeast derivatives. Its product range includes baker's yeast and 
ingredients, Chinese dim sum and seasoning, savory yeast extract, human health, 
animal nutrition, plant nutrition, distilled spirits and biofuels, microbial 
nutrition and enzymes. At present, Angel Yeast has 11 international advanced 
production bases in China, Egypt and Russia, and provides products and services 
for more than 150 countries and regions globally. 

SOURCE  Angel Yeast

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   Caption: Angel Yeast’s booth at the 24th Food Ingredients China, which took 
place from June 8 to 10 in Shanghai.