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Tuesday, June 15 2021 - 21:26
The 4th Xibe Muddy Land Dragon Boat Festival in North Shenyang New District Opened Grandly
SHENYANG, China, June 15, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

"Dragon Boat in Muddy Land and Dumplings in North Shenyang New District " -- 
the festival with the theme of "Xibe Folk Customs and Rice Culture Coexisting" 
and "Crossing of Soil and Dragon Boats" was held in Shenyang on June 13th, 
according to the Publicity Department of North Shenyang New District. The 
Daomeng Space Spot opened a Dragon Boat Festival cultural tourism event.

The main stage of the opening ceremony of this event was built in the rice 
field. Ride the rice field train, appreciate the rice field paintings on the 
dream tower, visit the cultural and creative market, and interact with fun 
competitions such as Kick Pocket and Galaha, tasting of the rice food area, 
cultural singing and dancing performances with Xibe nationality, original 
large-scale live performances, the fascinating storyline and unique innovative 
play experience allow citizens and tourists to experience Xibe's intangible 
cultural heritage and Dragon Boat Festival customs.

As the "Hometown of Xibe", it has continued to build cultural IP brands, and 
promote the excavation, sorting and protection of more than 100 intangible 
cultural heritage represented by Xibe culture in recent years. This year's 
Muddy Dragon Boat Festival ranges from the uniquely charming muddy dragon boats 
to the Xibe Dragon Boat Festival customs such as splashing water, hanging cloth 
monkeys, and hanging pouches; from smearing blessings, throwing mud cannons, 
riding and shooting and other Xibe traditions, to Xibe cakes Special delicacies 
such as rice dumplings, rice dumplings, rice ice cream, etc., under the 
carnival are the cultural heritage.

In recent years, North Shenyang New District has successively created a number 
of new industrial projects featuring unique culture + resources + industries 
such as the Xibe Mud Festival, the Strange Slope Sophora Flower Festival, and 
the Ice and Snow Festival. Relying on the four-season tourism resources of 
"appreciating flowers in spring, playing in the water in summer, watching 
paintings in autumn, and playing snow in winter" and the rich ethnic culture, 
North Shenyang New District has built a leisure tourism industry with Liaohe 
Tourism Economic Belt and Puhe Ecological Economic Belt as the core. The ice 
and snow cultural tourism industry represented by the Shenyang Guaipo 
International Ski Resort, the ecological tourism industry represented by the 
urban flower sea, Qixing Mountain, Puhe Ecological Corridor, and the Liaohe 
Wetland, and the city represented by Fantawild Paradise and Qixinghai World 
which have become the core support of the "ecological Shenbei, a vibrant new 

Source: The Publicity Department of North Shenyang New District

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   Caption: The 4th Xibe Muddy Land Dragon Boat Festival in North Shenyang New 
District opened grandly.