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JT Group launches Ploom X
TOKYO, July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The next generation heated tobacco device hits stores across Japan on August 

Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) (TSE: 2914) announces the official launch of Ploom X, 
its next generation heated tobacco device, on August 17, 2021.  Ploom X will 
gradually be made available across Japan, including convenience stores and 
select tobacco retail stores.  Ploom X will also be available for pre-launch 
sale at the CLUB JT online shop from July 26, 2021.

Ploom X is the JT Group's next generation device for heated tobacco sticks, the 
company's priority category, where it is now focusing its resources.  The 
device, which will be launched across key markets after Japan, was jointly 
developed by JT in Japan and JTI, the Group's international subsidiary, 
headquartered in Switzerland. 

"Ploom X is the first global device developed by JT and JTI, bringing together 
all our global resources to offer the best user experience of our time. We are 
delighted to be able to offer this new innovative product to adult consumers in 
Japan, the world's leading heated tobacco market and where product standards 
and quality are of the highest importance. 

"Listening to consumers globally, we have created a proposition that is aligned 
with today's lifestyles and choices.  This includes a more authentic tobacco 
taste, new connectivity possibilities and several options to personalize the 
device to everyday needs.  Ploom X will make the user experience more 
pleasurable and unique than ever before.  With Ploom X, we are continuing to 
build on our growing presence in the fast-moving heated tobacco sticks category 
and respond to the increasingly demanding needs of adult consumers around the 

Daniel TORRAS, Senior Vice President, Reduced-Risk Products

The cutting-edge device, adopts the aesthetic and innovative "Nastro" design 
with a more intuitive user experience, with no buttons on its surface.  In 
addition to the ability to precisely control heating temperature, Ploom X is 
equipped with a new heating technology, HEATFLOW(R), which focuses on air flow, 
significantly improving user experience.  

Ploom X is also equipped with Bluetooth(R) functionalities that connect with 
users' smartphone, enables consumers to see the battery status, lock the device 
and much more.

Along with the device, improved heated tobacco sticks are being rolled out.  
These benefit from carefully blended tobacco leaves picked by experts for their 
suitability to the HEATFLOW(R) technology.  The regular tobacco stick flavor is 
carefully blended with lamina, the most aromatic part of the tobacco leaf.  
There is a range of 12 different heated tobacco sticks so, more than ever 
before, consumers can enjoy a delicate yet rich tobacco taste according to 
their preferences.

Note: HEATFLOW(R) is a registered trademark of JT. Other product and service 
names mentioned in the text are the registered trademarks or trademarks of 
their respective companies.  
Product Features
Nastro design enables intuitive user experience 
- "Nastro" means "ribbon" in Italian.  Ploom X is designed without any buttons 
on the surface of the device and features a high-quality aluminum body without 
any joints, making it seamless like a ribbon.
- It is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as durable, with LED 
and vibration indicators that allow customers to intuitively check the 
readiness of the device.
HEATFLOW(R), a new heating technology, improves flavor 
- In addition to precise heating temperature control, the new HEATFLOW(R) 
technology focuses on improved air flow and better experience.
- The heated tobacco sticks are designed to complement the HEATFLOW(R) 
technology.  By combining this technology with expert blending techniques, 
consumers can enjoy the high-quality aroma of the tobacco as well as the rich 
A wide variety of front panels to match consumer's personal taste 
- The front panel is available in a variety of seven colors, allowing consumers 
to freely customize the design to match their personal taste.
- The front panel is magnetically attached to the device and can be detached 
and swapped easily. 

Note: The starter kit includes the front panel in the same color as the device 
itself. The other front panels are sold separately for 980 Yen each (tax 

Bluetooth(R) functionalities realize a new style
- The Bluetooth(R) functionalities allow consumers to confirm the detailed 
battery status on their smartphone, in addition to the LED indicators on the 
device; unlock the device when it is connected to the smartphone; and track 
their device's last known location, allowing them to search the device when 

 Note: Bluetooth(R) functionalities can be used by installing a compatible 
browser and registering the device on the Ploom X CLUB website.  For details, 
please visit the Ploom X CLUB ( website. 
(Website available in Japanese only.)

Product information
Ploom X Starter Kit

Heating type	                  High-temperature heating
Kit includes	                  Device, cleaning stick and Type-C USB cable
Color	                          Slate Grey and Silver
Number of tobacco sticks          20 sticks (when charged for about 110 minutes)
Waiting time until optimal heat	  About 25 seconds
Duration of use per tobacco stick About 5 minutes
- The AC adapter is not included in the starter kit. The AC adapter will be 
sold separately.
- The charge time and number of sticks per charge may vary depending on the 
battery life and temperature of the surrounding environment.
Tobacco Sticks for Ploom X

The JT Group's expert blenders have improved the blend of tobacco leaves in the 
heated tobacco sticks to suit the HEATFLOW(R) technology. The regular tobacco 
stick flavor is carefully blended with lamina, the most aromatic part of the 
tobacco leaf.

With a range of 12 products, more than ever before, consumers can enjoy the 
delicate and rich taste of tobacco according to their preference.

Japan Tobacco Inc. is a leading international tobacco company with operations 
in more than 130 countries. With approximately 58,000 employees, it 
manufactures and sells some of the world's best-known brands including Winston, 
Camel, MEVIUS and LD. The JT Group is committed to investing in Reduced-Risk 
Products (RRP) and currently markets its heated tobacco products under its 
Ploom brand and various e-cigarette products under its Logic brand. The Group 
is also present in the pharmaceutical and processed food businesses. For more 
information, visit
	Dinesh Babu Thotakura, General Manager
 	Media and Investor Relations Division
 	Japan Tobacco Inc.
 	Tokyo: +81-3-6636-2914

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