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Wednesday, August 04 2021 - 23:30
"One Red and One Green" Fruits and Vegetables Make a Distinctive and Prosperous Industry
BAISE, China, Aug. 4, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Recently, the first China mango industry conference was held in Baise, Guangxi. 
At the meeting, Tianyang district and Guangzhou Pilot Food Investment Co., Ltd. 
signed the framework agreement on the comprehensive development and utilization 
project of fruits in Tianyang District, Baise City (phase II), with a total 
investment of 500 million yuan, according to the Publicity Department of 
Tianyang District.

Located in the west of Guangxi, Tianyang District of Baise is the first 
hometown of mango in China. Given a subtropical monsoon climate with warm 
winter and long summer, and abundant sunshine, Tianyang is dubbed as "natural 
greenhouse" and is abundant in fruits and vegetables. Relying on its 
exceptional climate, Tianyang District has made great efforts to develop the 
two dominant industries of mango and tomato. Mango is harvested from June to 
August every year, and tomato from November to next April. "One Red and One 
Green " helped farmers continuously increase their incomes. In 2020, the total 
planting area of mango is 408,000 mu with an output of 280,000 tons; the main 
bulk vegetable is tomato, which is marketed from November to April. In 2020, 
the vegetable planting area of the whole region is 398,000 mu with an output of 
875,800 tons.Mango and tomato have become the two pillar industries of the 

At present, it is the peak season of Tianyang mango on the market. Mango is in 
hot sell in Tianyang Wholesale Market of Agricultural and Sideline Products. 
Tianyang Wholesale Market of Agricultural and Sideline Products is a 
large-scale comprehensive wholesale market, which mainly deals with wholesale, 
purchasing and selling through agency, joint purchasing and selling, agency 
storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables. The average daily trading 
volume of the market is 2,000 tons, and the peak daily trading volume is 5,000 
tons. The total annual trading volume is 700,000 tons, and the trading volume 
exceeds RMB 1.6 billion. The products are sold to more than 230 large and 
medium-sized cities in China, and Vietnam, Russia, Hong Kong and other 
countries and regions. It has become the largest wholesale market of 
agricultural and sideline products in Southwest China and one of the important 
bases for transporting vegetables from south to north, it is the "Fresh 
Agricultural Products Center Wholesale Market" designated by the Ministry of 
Agriculture, the "Double Hundred Market Project" agricultural products 
wholesale market determined by the Ministry of Commerce, and the key leading 
enterprise of China's supply and marketing cooperatives.

With the ongoing development of e-commerce, Tianyang closely relied on 
e-commerce network and established Tianyang Ganjie E-commerce Co., Ltd., built 
the "Commercial County" e-commerce service platform, and established the 
"Tianyang Characteristic Market"; it supported the construction of Alibaba 
Baise Industrial Belt, Taobao Baise Market and WeChat business, and has been 
constantly improving the e-commerce logistics system. In 2020, through Taobao, 
JD, Tmall, PDD and other e-commerce platforms, mango online sales alone in the 
region exceeded 10 million orders, with revenue of more than RMB 100 million. 
Since the mango came into the market in 2021, the daily delivery volume of 
e-commerce network sales of mango is more than 10,000 orders, with daily sales 
of nearly RMB 1 million.

Source: The Publicity Department of Tianyang District

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   Caption: "One Red and One Green" fruits and vegetables make a distinctive 
and prosperous industry