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Wednesday, September 15 2021 - 23:41
Within3 Reimagines Life Science Communications to Address Insight Gaps with Industry-first, Holistic Platform
CLEVELAND and LONDON, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Within3 Select, Connect, and Discover follow strategic path creating the 
Insights Management Platform

Within3’s hybrid engagement platform is proven to increase the volume, quality, 
and value of insights generated by life science innovators, their key opinion 
leaders, patients, and other stakeholders. That’s why multidisciplinary teams 
in the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies use Within3 to run 
engagement programs like advisory boards, congress huddles, and publication 

Thousands of engagements revealed pain points across life science teams – data 
disseminated in disparate locations or silos, void of input from the most 
appropriate stakeholders - leaving the need for well-informed, fast answers to 
guide strategies unfilled. 

The result is the insight gap: a problem that leads companies to base decisions 
on old or incomplete data, wasting billions of dollars and years of work.

Solving the Insight Gap at Every Stage of the Product Development Lifecycle
Within3 Select, Connect and Discover combine insights gathered from each phase 
of the product life cycle on platform to identify the right people, engage them 
and deliver answers. It solves the insights gap at every stage of the product 
development lifecycle, from planning, recruiting, and engaging to analyzing, 
product launch, and beyond.

Within3 Select identifies the right physicians, patients, stakeholders, key 
industry leaders, and associated experts, for the right problem at the right 

Within3 Connect is a better way for pharmaceutical, medtech and life sciences 
companies to converse with the people who matter most. It’s a hybrid 
communication platform that gives stakeholders the freedom to engage anytime, 
anywhere, on any connected device. It provides an environment that prioritizes 
participant schedules. 

Life science innovators using Connect regularly report substantial gains in KOL 
participation, actionable insights and acceleration of regulatory submissions, 
responses or guideline publication.

Within3 Discover consolidates insights gathered across the enterprise and in 
the field into one place. Proprietary AI-powered natural language processing 
enables life science companies to understand key concepts, scientific trends, 
and sentiment, unlocking answers that drive positive business outcomes.

“As it stands today, the process of gathering insights, let alone the right 
ones, can take months. In that time a great deal can happen to compromise the 
information obtained, making it outdated or obsolete and driving up cost with 
each iteration,” says Within3 CEO Lance Hill. “With multiple systems from 
different vendors in each phase of the process, teams are faced with 
inconsistent outcomes, and ultimately, very isolated execution tactics as 
opposed to a cohesive strategy.”

More than ever, global enterprises, especially life science organizations, need 
insights from the right experts to work effectively and efficiently in a 
dynamic marketplace where in-person access is not assured and speed-to-market 
is critical to success.

The Within3 Insights Management Platform provides precisely this.

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