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Expo 2020: Haier Smart Home Makes its Mark in the Carbon Neutral World with Customized Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller Solution at China Pavilion
DUBAI, UAE, Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Haier Smart Home ("Haier", Shanghai: 600690), the world's leading home 
appliance brand and smart home ecosystem builder, has made waves globally with 
its customized Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller system ("the System") at 
Expo 2020 Dubai, which kicked off on October 1. The system was used at the "The 
Light of China" Pavilion — one of the largest pavilions at this year's Expo.

Fully customized by Haier Commercial Air Conditioning, the System integrates a 
number of leading global technologies, including Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal 
Chiller and multiple connections through an IoT hub. Haier air conditioning 
includes features such as self-connectivity, self-energy saving and 
self-operation, with different solutions tailored for individual spaces within 
the Pavilion. Haier's air conditioning system was realized to cover the entire 
space whilst reducing energy consumption — leaving a cool and comfortable first 
impression for visitors.

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning adapted the system to maintain efficient and 
stable operations and run without degradation in an environment where 
temperatures soar to 50°C. "In response to the unique air conditioning 
requirements of Dubai's tropical climate, Haier has added a separate 
vapor-liquid separator to mitigate high ambient temperatures, which can leave 
the shaft vulnerable to the impacts of coolant during the compressor start-up 
process," Zhan Jie, General Manager of Haier Commercial AC Overseas Market 
introduced. "In addition, the compression system features both a high and 
low-pressure side for different ratios, and Haier's patented high-pressure 
ratio shutdown control scheme effectively protects the compressor bearings."

The System has also been customized to account for the shortage of local water 
resources in Dubai and the unique conditions required for seawater 
desalination. The System uses air-cooling to save precious water resources. 
Furthermore, the internal configuration of the air conditioning features a 
customized high static pressure duct and ball spout jet were customized for the 
overall design of the China Pavilion. 

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning has further adapted its system to different 
settings throughout the conference -  maintaining a constant temperature and 
humidity level for open area, whilst ensuring to operates with customized 
frequency conventions for enclosed spaces. The heat exchanger helps the space 
meet fresh air volume standards, while the offices have an energy-saving 
solution to reach healthy air requirements of 30m³/h/person.

In line with global trends towards carbon neutrality, Haier Commercial Air 
Conditioning designed its system to reduce carbon emissions and support the 
development of green venue spaces. The system halves energy and electricity 
requirements compared to ordinary central air-conditioning systems — even under 
the rigorous demands of Dubai's high temperatures. 

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   Caption: Expo 2020: Haier Smart Home Makes its Mark in the Carbon Neutral 
World with Customized Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller system at China