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Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 Series Smartwatches Launch, Fusing Fashion and Technology Across Three Standout Wearables: the GTR 3 Pro, GTR 3 and GTS 3
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

- Powered by the Smartwatch-tailored Zepp OS for Smart Health Made Easy 

Amazfit, the leading global smart wearable brand has unveiled three new 
smartwatches: the GTR 3 Pro, GTR 3 and GTS 3.

Delivering smart health made easy, Amazfit's latest series of wearables enable 
users to up their game, improve their health[1], and upgrade their lifestyle 
without sacrificing personal style. They pack a suite of cutting-edge health 
and fitness features into a sleek and stylish design powered by the Zepp OS.

Health and Lifestyle Features

All three of Amazfit's new smartwatches bring about a wealth of innovative 
health, fitness and lifestyle features, showcased in the Zepp OS. Through an 
intuitive, powerful interface, this OS empowers users to unleash their full 
potential, explore their passions and live life positively. 

The new OS is tailored to optimize the performance of Amazfit smart wearable 
devices - instead of transferring a power-draining smartphone OS to users' 
wrists. Built around the concept of being light, smooth and practical, this OS 
will enable easier interaction and help users eliminate tedious operations with 
lower power consumption compared to the previous smartwatch operating system.

It also works across Android and iOS devices, and connects to popular health 
platforms, like Apple Health or Google Fit, to sync your health data, and 
Strava, Relive, Runkeeper, and TrainingPeaks to sync and share sports data. 
Other highlights include:

Up to 150+ vibrant watch faces with matching always-on displays
[2] for every mood or occasion, as well as dynamic effects and smooth 
animations. Wearers will even be able to design their own watch faces and mini 
apps with the app developer kit (coming soon). 
4-in-1 easy health measurement: The ability to test four health metrics in one 
[3] thanks to the built-in 6PD (photodiodes) BioTrackerTM PPG 3.0, which 
measures four health metrics (heart rate, blood-oxygen[4], stress level and 
breathing rate) in as little as 45 seconds. 

Easy 24-hour health management: 
Monitors your heart rate all day[5] – even while swimming. With alerts for 
abnormally high or low heart rates, as well as tracking heart rate zones so you 
can optimize your workouts, the watch is a comprehensive and easy-to-use health 
partner for everyone.
Easy to understand: 
Your current health and wellbeing are calculated in a flash and converted into 
a single PAI[6] score, collated from data based on your past seven days of 

Advanced sleep tracking from your watch: 
Monitor[7] your light, deep and REM sleep stages, plus your waking times during 
the night, daytime naps over 20 minutes, and even monitor your sleep breathing 
quality. For added convenience, check your sleep data directly on the watch. 

Advanced menstrual cycle tracking:
Easily understand your cycle and plan ahead. After recording your menstrual 
period, you can intelligently and intimately predict the time and length of the 
following menstrual and fertile window, so you can stay on your game without 
any surprises.
Efficient, quick-access screens:
Save time, customize what matters to you and access Shortcut Cards to flow 
through your day with peace of mind. Get easy access to key information with a 
swipe or a tap. 

Voice control: 
With Alexa[8], you can set an alarm, ask a question or more when online, and 
when offline, use the Offline Voice Assistant[9] to open a sports mode or 
health feature, or even access Home Connect to control smart home devices. Also 
enjoy a growing ecosystem of over 10 mini apps. 

Swift and accurate GPS:
Get started faster with accurate[10]location tracking based on five satellite 

Options to personalize:
Prioritize your preferred features, upload a photo to customize your watch face 
background, or choose from 15 dynamic animated designs to match your outfit 
whether at work, rest or play. 

Motivation tools: 
Track your runs with the optional Virtual Pacer[11], then optimize your 
progress and recovery with the PeakBeats performance algorithm.
Life admin tools:
Manage your day with message notifications, sedentary and drink water 
reminders, calendar, events and to-do lists, weather forecasts, Bluetooth 
remote camera control, and more.

The Zepp OS also comes loaded with a host of comprehensive health and fitness 
insights, and the Zepp App on your smartphone serves as a hub where you can 
access additional advice to help you achieve your goals.

The GTR 3 Pro, GTR 3 and GTS 3 have been created to bring out your inner 
go-getter and peak performer – to help you navigate effortlessly in and out of 
your digital life, and strike balance and success. 

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro: Built to Empower

As the premium choice in Amazfit's new series of fashion wearables, the GTR 3 
Pro smartwatch offers some market-leading innovations while encouraging you to 
lead a healthy lifestyle, and activate your inner drive. 

Boasting a vibrant 1.45-inch, 331 ppi AMOLED ultra HD display, the GTR 3 Pro 
delivers dazzling visuals and an easy-to-use interface. As its large circular 
screen showcases a high refresh rate for seamless, smooth interaction, the 
watch enjoys an impressive 70.6% screen-to-body ratio, so despite having one of 
the largest round watch displays on the market, with no wasted space, the GTR 3 
Pro is still a comfortable size.

Glance at and cycle through a wide range of features and sports modes with the 
classic navigation crown, for some satisfyingly reassuring and intuitive haptic 
feedback as you twist with your fingertips.

Whether you're firing up activity tracking through one of the 150+ built-in 
sports modes, or monitoring your stress levels, the GTR 3 Pro empowers you to 
stay aware of your health 24/7. And if you forget to activate your sport mode, 
don't worry - the smart recognition[12] feature kicks in for up to eight 
popular sports to make sure you never accidentally miss out on activity 

Edging the GTR 3 Pro ahead even more is its battery life, as the watch benefits 
from an ample 450 mAh cell, which provides up to 12 days[13]of non-stop battery 
life on a single charge. So no more worrying about running out of power. 

Additionally, music lovers will adore the GTR 3 Pro's 2.3GB[14] of onboard 
memory, capable of storing up to 470 songs. This means independent music 
playback directly from your watch without your phone to hand. For added 
convenience, the GTR 3 Pro can take and make phone calls when connected to your 
smartphone over Bluetooth, so you can have a hands-free conversation.

GTR 3: Built to Last

Made from lightweight yet durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy complete with 
an elegant rotatable crown, the GTR 3's bezel-less design seamlessly integrates 
with the curved glass screen to give a heightened sense of immersion. 

The stylish design with comfortable antibacterial silicone straps deliver 
classic styling to match different outfits - from your suit to your workout 
gear, and you can also customize your GTR 3's watch faces to showcase all the 
information you need at a glance. 

Sporting a 1.39-inch AMOLED HD display, the GTR 3 brings Amazfit's immersive 
Zepp OS to life, powered by a 450 mAh battery for an extensive battery life of 
up to 21 days. That means up to three weeks on a single charge, and even longer 
if you fire up the GTR 3's Battery Saver Mode.

GTS 3: Built to Move

With a modern square 1.75-inch, ultra HD AMOLED screen with 341 ppi, the GTS 3 
is one of the slimmest and lightest smartwatches around, yet still has a huge 
72.4% screen-to-body ratio. Designed for anyone who wants a stylish, slim 
smartwatch display, its shape mirrors your smartphone in style, but its 
features match those of the GTR 3 almost across the board.

"These three watches achieve the promise of Smart Health Made Easy. The GTR 3 
Pro is built to empower. The Amazfit GTR 3 is built to last. And the GTS 3 is 
built to move. We hope you are as excited for this new generation as we are. 
Connecting health with technology is the core philosophy behind the Zepp OS. 
And so, we created the Zepp OS to be a health-focused operating system, that 
helps our watches achieve our mission of making it easy for everyone to live a 
healthy life", said Wayne Huang, CEO & Founder of Zepp Health.

Pricing and Availability

The Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 Series will launch globally on October 11th, 2021 

In Europe, pricing will start from €149.99 for the Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3, and 
from €199.99 for the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. All three products will be available 
via the UK( ), Germany( ), 
France( ), Italy( ), and Spain( ) Amazfit stores, from October 11th, 2021 (GMT+1).

In the US, pricing will start from $179.99 for the Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3, and 
from $229.99 for the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. The GTR 3 Pro and GTR 3 will be 
available at the US Amazfit store( ) from October 11th, 
2021 (GMT+1). The GTS 3 will be available soon.

About Amazfit

Established in 2015, Amazfit is a leading global smart wearable brand focused 
on health and fitness. Amazfit offers a wide product portfolio including 
smartwatches and bands, TWS earbuds, health & fitness devices such as smart 
treadmills and smart body composition scales, and sports gear. Our brand 
essence is Up Your Game, and we encourage users to live their passions and 
express their active spirits freely. 

With outstanding craftsmanship, Amazfit smartwatches have won many design 
awards, including the German iF Industrial Design Award and the Red Dot Design 

Currently, Amazfit products are available in more than 90 countries and regions 
worldwide, across North and South America, Asia, Europe and more. Amazfit is a 
brand owned by Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP) and has shipped over 100 million 
devices since 2014. For more information, visit 

[1] This product is not a medical device and cannot be used for medical 
purposes or as basis for diagnosis of any medical condition. Detection results 
are provided for reference only. Please consult professional medical 
institutions if you feel unwell.
[2]Always-on Display: When the screen is illuminated, it displays system 
content. When the screen is in standby mode, it displays the time. This 
function requires users to manually set "Always-on Display". The user can 
switch on or off this feature through the watch or Alexa app.
[3] To process the one-tap measurement, please wear the watch tightly at one 
finger-width from the wrist, and keep your arm still for best results. 
Movement, and environmental and physical characteristics can affect speed and 
accuracy of monitoring and measurement.
[4] To measure blood oxygen, please wear the watch tight at one finger-width 
from the wrist and keep your arm still for best results. All-day monitoring of 
SpO2 needs to be enabled on the watch or in the Zepp App. SpO2 alerts are sent 
if the detected rate is too low compared to the preset value, which needs to be 
set in the Zepp App and on the watch, at a minimum of 80%. Movement, and 
environmental and physical characteristics can affect speed and accuracy of 
monitoring and measurement.
[5] The 24-hour heart rate monitoring feature requires the user to enable Auto 
Heart Rate Monitor in the Zepp App and on the watch, and the minimum value can 
be set to 1 minute. Abnormal heart rate alerts and the preset value need to be 
set in the Zepp App and on the watch.
[6] PAI is a personal physiological activity indicator. Based on heart rate 
data, daily activity intensity, and multi-dimensional dynamic comprehensive 
evaluation of personal physiological data, it is converted into an intuitive 
PAI value using an algorithm to help you understand your physical condition. By 
maintaining a certain intensity of daily activities or workouts, you can obtain 
your PAI value. According to the HUNT Fitness Study* research results, keeping 
your PAI value above 100 will help reduce the risk of death by cardiovascular 
disease and increase life expectancy. *HUNT Fitness Study: This study was a 
sub-project of the HUNT study, and was led by Professor Ulrik Wisloff of the 
Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The HUNT study lasted over 35 
years and involved more than 230,000 participants.
[7] When the device is worn to sleep, the device will automatically record 
sleep information. The device can record night sleep and naps. Sleep time that 
overlaps with 10:00pm - 8:00am will be recorded as night sleep, and sleep that 
is more than 60 minutes apart from night sleep will be recorded as naps. Sleeps 
of less than 20 minutes are not recorded. The basic information of night sleep 
can be viewed in the device, and detailed analysis and nap records can be 
viewed in the app.The 24-hour stress level monitoring needs to be enabled on 
the watch or in the Zepp App. Alerts for high stress levels are based on the 
preset value, and prompts for the breathing exercise need to be enabled on the 
[8] To see the full list of 15 countries/regions and 14 languages supported, as 
well as how to activate and use Alexa on your Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 series 
smartwatches, please visit
[9] Offline voice assistant only supports English, Spanish, German and Chinese 
voice commands. The automatic lock feature needs to be set manually in the 
watch settings.
[10] Indoor positioning services are not supported. Positioning speed and 
accuracy may be affected by the surrounding environment.
[11] Virtual Pacer is only compatible with Outdoor Running and Treadmill sports 
[12] The accuracy and sensitivity of the workout recognition feature varies 
from person to person, and are related to the posture and proficiency of the 
user during their workout. Short workout duration or frequent changes in 
posture may not trigger the automatic recognition feature. When you are driving 
a car or taking a bus, or taking part in other such activities, accidental 
recognition may be triggered if these activities are particularly similar to 
the selected workout mode. When you are conducting outdoor activities, if the 
GPS signal is poor or the AGPS data information has not been synchronized with 
the mobile phone for an extended period, these outdoor activities may be 
assessed as indoor activities.
[13] The battery life may vary according to the settings, operation conditions 
and other factors. So the actual result may differ from the laboratory data. 
Typical usage scenario: Heart rate monitoring is always on and measures at 
10-minute intervals, sleep monitoring enabled; 200 pushed messages a day; raise 
wrist to see watch time 100 times; test blood-oxygen 5 times per day; bright 
screen operations for 5 minutes; exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes at a 
time, GPS running for 30 minutes; voice assistant turned off. Battery Saver 
Mode: Engage the Battery Saver Mode on the watch, which turns off the Bluetooth 
connection, heart rate and other functions, and only records steps and basic 
sleep information. 
Heavy usage scenario: Heart rate is monitoring always on and measures at 
1-minute intervals, sleep monitoring and sleep breathing quality monitoring and 
stress monitoring enabled; 150 pushed messages a day lighting up the screen 
display; raise wrist to see watch time 100 times; test blood-oxygen 5 times per 
day; bright screen operations 15 minutes; exercise 3 times a week for 30 
minutes at a time; GPS running for 30 minutes; voice assistant turned on. GPS 
continuous usage time of 38 hours: Turn on heart rate monitoring and GPS, use 
the GPS to map your workouts.
[14] The maximum storage space for music is 2.3GB (due to the system space 
occupied, the actual space used by the user may be less than 2.3GB); based on 
5-10MB per song, it can store up to 270-470 MP3 songs.
Source: Amazfit

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   Caption: The GTR 3 & GTS 3 Series with the brand-new Zepp OS is designed to 
make smart health easy.


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   Caption: Lightweight yet durable, the GTR 3 has an extensive battery life; 
the GTS 3 is one of the slimmest and lightest smartwatches around with a huge 
screen-to-body ratio.