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Tuesday, October 12 2021 - 14:00
AIRROBO pioneers smart home technologies with T10+ and T9
HONG KONG, Oct.12, 2021/PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

AIRROBO, the smart home appliance brand with a focus on AI-enabled 
technologies, supported by world-leading AI and humanoid robotic company, 
UBTECH Robotics, AIRROBO today launched its two new products — the AIRROBO 
Robot Vacuum T10+ and the AIRROBO Robot Vacuum T9.

Fast pace of life is quite common across urban cities. 1/3 of Americans work 45 
hours or more a week, and 9.7 million work more than 60, according to reports. 
A very few relaxing hours can be the only time left before bed, yet, the 
cleanups still exist and it might take up the rest of your time. The way people 
perceive their household chores has been changed by the pandemic as well. We 
tend to care about hygienic standard more than we did before. So what if 
there's a solution that can greatly help with the situation those busy bees 
face or those who want to enjoy what smart home technologies bring?

With regard to the growing interest from those consumers who are pushing 
technology to innovate, AIRROBO redefines SLAM algorithm and AI technology 
application in household cleaning, bringing this futuristic life style closer 
to everyone.

The first product is the AIRROBO Robot Vacuum T10+, which is an intelligent and 
multifunctional flagship model in T-Series. It provides users with 45-day 
hands-free cleaning experience and allergy-friendly environment when it comes 
to cleaning. In contrast to the daily garbage tossing which is time-consuming 
and a potential air pollution source, the AIRROBO Robot Vacuum T10+ comes 
equipped with automatic dirt disposal charging base, which empties the robot's 
dustbin at 26KPa high suction level with over 98% efficiency. After it cleans, 
the 3.3L allergy-friendly disposable dust bag in the base stores dirt and dust 
for up to 45 days, which saves time and energy for those who are busy living or 
enjoying life every single day. In addition to the hands-free feature, it also 
provides all-in-one cleaning solution, T10+ is able to switch between vacuuming 
mode and mopping mode seamlessly and intelligently, being more cost-effective 
and more efficient for your needs.


The second product is the AIRROBO Robot Vacuum T9, which is a reliable and 
powerful robot vacuum cleaner designed for expert navigation and strong 
cleaning effect. AIRROBO features their slogan "Free as a breeze", symbolizing 
the freedom like a breeze and the household chores can be done with ease. In 
this regard, the AIRROBO Robot Vacuum T9 comes equipped with a leading LiDAR 
technology and strong suction power. It navigates itself to corners and edges 
with ease, and avoids large pieces of furniture while cleaning thoroughly from 
dust to large debris hiding in tile gaps, under furniture, and on carpets at 


USLAM Air 5.0(TM), derived from UBTECH Robotics, is the algorithm that empowers 
T10+ and T9 to spot and avoid objects while setting up map and cleaning route 
in its path simultaneously, which makes the robot maneuver and respond like a 
human. In practical applications, USLAM Air 5.0(TM) enables high quality 
mapping in large and small home scenarios, multi-sensor millimetre-level 
high-precision positioning, dynamic path planning and all-round autonomous 
obstacle avoidance. 

"At UBTECH Robotics, We've witnessed the success of humanoid robots, industrial 
robots, and educational robots in the market. How the core technology of 
robotic products applies to usage scenarios with high frequency, high demand 
and difficult pain points is the background story which has inspired AIRROBO's 
establishment. By combining integrated supply chain with e-commerce business 
model, we aim to break the solid polarization in robot vacuum cleaner industry, 
introducing smart home appliances into every household with reasonable price 
and better user experience." said Tommy Zhang, general manager of AIRROBO.

For anyone who is ready to embrace smarter house cleaning style, the robot 
vacuum cleaners T10+ and T9 are available for purchase online on Amazon US, 
Amazon Italy, and Amazon Japan. 

To get AIRROBO robot vacuums:


AIRROBO is a smart home appliance brand with a focus on AI-enabled 
technologies. Supported by world-leading AI and humanoid robotic company, 
UBTECH Robotics, AIRROBO is aiming to bring the most cutting-edge technology to 
more and more households around the globe, making smart home a new norm of life.

Johnny Liang

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