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Thursday, October 14 2021 - 20:00
"make data matter": Keyrus celebrates its 25th anniversary by offering businesses an inspiring new vision
LEVALLOIS-PERRET, France, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

An international player in consulting and technology as well as a Data and 
Digital specialist, Keyrus announces new goals in the market through a renewed 
and inspiring vision stemming from 25 years of expertise in data exploitation. 
Keyrus has also redesigned its visual identity, creating a new logo and slogan: 
"make data matter." 

A hyperconnected ecosystem 
Driven by the growth of Internet-based and mobile technologies, society today 
is a single, hyperconnected ecosystem made up of organizations, individuals, 
groups of individuals, and objects.

To thrive in this ecosystem, businesses need not only to accelerate their 
digital transformation, but also to develop the skills necessary to boost their 
adaptability, resilience, and competitiveness.

Data is the main driver behind the activation of these skills, just as digital 
channels create the network that is essential for their implementation and 

Aspiring to make data the main leveraging factor behind business performance
The current crisis is showing us more than ever just how crucial it is for all 
companies to accelerate their transformation, whether digital, managerial, or 

Keyrus is convinced that businesses must primarily leverage digital 
transformation, integrating an ethical, practical approach to data, in order to 
successfully take on a transformed world, and ensure that they can grow, be 
competitive, and prosper in the long term. 

Data is unquestionably one of the keys to success for businesses. Moreover, it 
is like humankind's genetic blueprint: it retraces our past, expresses our 
present, and can help us predict our future, or at least anticipate it more 

A new, enlightening, and inspiring mission
Echoing the current economic, social and environmental upheavals, amplified by 
the pandemic, Keyrus is now pursuing an inspiring new mission: 
"Mastering and giving meaning to data to make the future clearer, simpler, and 
more human-focused!"  

This promise is founded on three key beliefs reflecting the current challenges 
of our world:

"HUMAN DATA": this first belief asserts that data holds the answers to the 
greatest challenges faced by both businesses and humankind as a whole. It 
teaches us things about the way we behave and how the world changes, takes 
shape, and improves over time. 

"INSPIRATIONAL REALITY": this belief is a nod to one of our key principles: 
inspiring, while remaining pragmatic and rooted in reality. This refers to our 
ability to deliver solutions that are not only effective and immediately 
actionable, but also always incorporate continuous innovation, an essential 
source of progress and reinvention for businesses. 

"SIMPLEX FUTURE": this third belief conveys the growing complexity of our 
environment. Caught in the whirlwind of the digital explosion, 
hyperconnectivity and artificial intelligence, businesses need an informed, 
insightful partner to rely on. In this context, Keyrus helps its clients gain 
capabilities,  communication skills, and decision-making abilities essential 
for working toward their goals with clear-sightedness and a straightforward 

These beliefs form the framework of the new era that the Keyrus Group is now 
embarking upon with enthusiasm and passion. They reveal our new areas of 
reflection and anticipation, which are always driven by a culture of 
entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our new slogan, "make data matter," conveys the meaning and value behind our 
work. Data is part of our Group's DNA. Day in and day out, we put data science 
to work to solve present- day challenges.   Since data originates with people, 
this slogan also serves as a reminder of how important individuals are in the 
capital of our companies, and how essential it is for each economic player to 
work toward greater sustainability via the solutions and services they offer.  
"For our Group, this past year has been a source of reflection and inspiration. 
It is now offering us new ways to look at our business lines and mission," 
explains Éric Cohen, Founder and CEO of the Keyrus Group.  "It is our mission 
to be an informed, committed, and responsible partner to our clients over the 
long term, helping them map out their ideal future with a more human-focused 

Keyrus is a global consulting and technology company that focuses on making 
data matter, truly matter, from a human perspective. 

Since it's not only the data itself that matters, but the opportunities we can 
develop by leveraging it, we are constantly working at understanding what our 
clients are trying to achieve. We explore and measure behaviors. We understand 
and translate. We make sense of the realities data represents to shape better, 
impactful, real-life decisions.

A mere means to an end, data, whether big, small, human, complex, historical, 
prospective, only ever makes sense when it is used to develop experiences, 
shape understanding, make the best decisions.

Our value proposition is founded upon five major groups of services, each 
comprising multiple offerings: 
- Automation and artificial intelligence: we provide our clients with the means 
to improve productivity and accuracy across business processes, and to focus on 
higher value work. We enable companies to gain insights and to make the best 
- Human-centric digital experience: relationship with customers and employee 
engagement constitute two of the largest contributors to business' overall 
success. At Keyrus, we help companies to imagine and to create seamless 
multimodal digital experiences to reach their business goals. 
- Data & analytics enablement: data is unquestionably a key to success for 
businesses. When used intelligently, it opens up unique opportunities for 
facing present and future challenges. At Keyrus, we enable organizations to 
deploy the capabilities to make data matter: we apply data science at a 
business level. 
- Cloud and security: cloud data and digital platforms have the potential to 
overhaul the way data are being translated into value, while bringing 
scalability and flexibility to a next level. At Keyrus, we secure your data 
assets and make sure your data is protected and confidential. 
- Business transformation & innovation: to thrive in the nowadays ecosystem, 
every business needs to not only accelerate its digital transformation, but 
also acquire skills to boost its adaptability, resilience, and competitiveness. 
At Keyrus, we help our clients to successfully transform themselves to build a 
better future.

Relying on the accumulated experience of more than 3.000 consultants and 
present in 22 countries on 4 continents, Keyrus is one of the foremost 
international experts in data, consulting, and technology.

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