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Thursday, October 14 2021 - 19:48
Green Vision, Blue Future: Midea Holds Conference to Launch its NZEC Smart Home Solution
FOSHAN, China, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- The company also celebrated new production milestone of its R290-powered 

On Oct.11th , Midea (000333.SZ), the world's No.1 air treatment brand, hosted a 
conference themed "Green Vision, Blue Future", which united industry gurus as 
well as leaders in trade and climate policies under the same roof to witness 
the launch of Midea's latest "Green House" smart home solution designed to help 
the globe achieve NZEC (Near Zero Energy Consumption) emissions and the 
company's milestones to support the world's targets to enhance energy 
efficiency and curb global warming.

Mr. Zhang Jianyu, Executive Director of BRI Green Development institute, noted 
that Chinese businesses are encouraged to integrate green development 
throughout the whole process of overseas investment and cooperation, which is 
an excellent step to accelerate green development both in China and 
internationally. He also complimented Chinese manufacturers like Midea on 
marching into the low carbon field and launching its own initiative proactively 
to combat climate change.

Midea's "Green House" is a seamless integration of three smart and 
interoperable systems that encompass power generation, energy management and 
home management. The surplus energy can be transmitted to a storage system 
which not only can be used as a primary power source at night or in unfavorable 
weather conditions but can also help the entire neighborhood by sending 
electricity to other households. 

With Midea's advanced algorithms, a smart energy management system 
intelligently deploys and coordinates solar power generation, energy storage, 
charging and discharging, which can work in tandem with the MSmartLife system 
to power all smart home appliances in the house, including air conditioners, 
refrigerators, washing machines and kitchen appliances. The result is an 
energy-independent home that leverages a whole set of Midea's state-of-the-art 
technologies to achieve NZEC and maximize energy utilization, in line with the 
company's ambition to fully cut carbon from households.

A ceremony was also held during the event to mark the production of the 
2,100,000th Midea R290 air conditioner (AC), the first AC unit ever granted 
with Germany's Blue Angel ecolabel. 

Mr. Kristian Mao-Chang Wilkening, Project Director of Deutsche Gesellschaft für 
Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) expressed his appreciation for the 
company's efforts and contribution to low-carbon development. He said, "For 
R290, Midea was the first manufacturer to obtain the Blue Angel certificate. 
This proves that Midea meets the highest environmental standards. Rolling off 
2,100,000th units is impressive." 

Awarded by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for its 
exceptional contribution to fighting against climate change, Midea has been 
spearheading a decade-long project to develop a mass-producible, efficient and 
reliable solution by replacing HCFC-22 with propane (R-290). Statistics from 
UNIDO in 2020 showed that Midea's R-290-powered products have helped eliminate 
ozone-depleting potential and curtailed the equivalent of over 970,000 tons of 
CO2 annually.


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   Caption: Green Vision, Blue Future: Midea Holds Conference to Launch its 
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