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Friday, October 15 2021 - 20:02
Shenyang Cheongsam Culture Festival opens
SHENYANG, China, Oct. 15, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The 5th Shenyang Cheongsam Culture Festival opened at the Liaoning Hotel on 
Oct. 12, 2021.

The event aimed to build a platform for exchanges on and promotion of Cheongsam 
culture. The Cheongsam Industrial Development Forum with the theme of 
"Tradition, Quality, Life" was held on the same day, according to the 
Information Office of Shenyang People's Government.

National cheongsam industry experts and scholars gathered in Shenyang to 
discuss the future of cheongsam industry, promoting Shenyang to become the 
leader of the cheongsam industry, assisting cheongsam become a new bright spot 
of Shenyang's economic growth.

Consisting of a number of cultural exchange activities, the festival lasted 3 
days. The Cheongsam and New Chinese style clothing press conference on the 12th 
and 13th focused on digging Shenyang local brands and promoting local cheongsam 
designers; exhibition on cultural protection, research and innovation of 
cheongsam and Manchu clothing on the 12th - 14th took the audience into the 
world of cheongsam and Manchu costumes; the closing ceremony on the 14th let 
the audience enjoy the visual feast of the gorgeous cheongsam.

Shenyang has been designed as the "Old Capital of Cheongsam" by the China 
National Textile and Apparel Council. Now this centuries-old type of dress has 
become a cultural calling card for Shenyang. It was part of Shenyang's efforts 
to inherit, promote and make innovations for traditional culture, to promote 
the high-quality development of the cultural industry.

Shenyang successfully held five Cheongsam Cultural Festival, through the 
integration of multi-party resources, creating a strong atmosphere, building an 
exchange platform, and carrying forward the cheongsam culture. Shenyang will 
seize the opportunity of cheongsam industry development, promoting the strategy 
of cultural upgrading, creating a series of cultural creativity based on 
cheongsam, promoting the revitalization and development of Shenyang. Linking 
Shenyang and the world with the charm of cheongsam, the city will be more open, 
tolerant and confident, the series of cultural creativity based on cheongsam 
will become an important force to promote the revitalization and development of 
the city.

Source: The Information Office of Shenyang People's Government

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