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Monday, October 18 2021 - 19:52
Zhuanghe Agricultural Products Become Famous in Northeast Asia Popular Cuisine Culture Exchange Week
ZHUANGHE, China, Oct. 18, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On the ongoing "Liaoning Cuisine-2021 Northeast Asia Popular Cuisine Culture 
Exchange Week", the characteristic agricultural products of Zhuanghe City in 
Dalian, a coastal city of Northeast China's Liaoning province, attracted 
special attention, Oct.11, 2021, according to the Publicity Department of the 
CPC Zhuanghe Municipal Committee.

Zhuanghe City is located in the southeast of Liaodong Peninsula and the north 
bank of the Yellow Sea, where mountains, forests and springs are connected, 
sea, river and lake are integrated, and islands and ports are dependent on each 
other. There are 365 large and small rivers, with 45% forest coverage and more 
than 85% excellent air throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for 
leisure, recuperation and sightseeing. "Little Guilin in southern Liaoning" 
Bingyugou, "Sea painting screen" Haiwang Nine Islands, "Hometown of Black-faced 
Spoonbill" Shicheng Island, "The first peak in southern Liaoning" Buyun 
Mountain, "Sanjiajie" Tianmen Mountain and other scenic spots are famous all 
over the world.

Zhuanghe City has rich and unique products due to its natural endowment and 
ecological advantages,which has formed nine characteristic agricultural brands: 
blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, oysters, sea cucumbers, edible fungi, 
variegated clam, big bone chicken and puffer fish, and also known as "the 
hometown of blueberries", "the hometown of Big Bone Chicken", "the capital of 
shellfish industry", etc.

Chinese and Japanese chefs made dishes with Zhuanghe specialty ingredient 
variegated clam, which is fat and fresh, and the fresh ingredients show the new 
"Zhuanghe Cuisine".

Source: The Publicity Department of the CPC Zhuanghe Municipal Committee

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   Caption: Chinese and foreign famous chefs cook at the scene