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Monday, October 25 2021 - 20:14
Panjin crab, rice sectors co-developing forms a large-scale ecological model of "raising crabs in rice fields"
PANJIN, China, Oct. 25, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

In this golden autumn when rice is ripe in Northeast China,the "Rice Cuisine" 
activity was held at the Liaohe Folk Museum in Panjin, a coastal city of 
Northeast China's Liaoning province, attracted special attention, Oct. 22,2021, 
according to the Publicity Department of the CPC Panjin Municipal Committee.

Panjin is located in the central and western part of Liaoning Province.The 
geographical environment of the confluence of rivers and seas has created a 
vast Reed wetland, one of the most striking areas of the wetlands is an area 
known as Red Beach, famous for its striking blood-red seepweed. Panjin is rich 
in products and well-known as the "Capital of Wetlands", "Crane Village" and 
"Land of Fish and Rice".

Panjin rice is internationally recognized for its high quality. Meanwhile, the 
crab aquaculture area was 114,667 hectares, with an output of more than 70,000 
tons, ranking first among the prefecture-level cities in the country.

Rice and river crab make Panjin to be one of the earliest areas in China to 
develop the ecological model of "raise crabs and rice together". Nowadays, 
Panjin continues to use its ecological advantages to co-develop the crab and 
rice industry, promoting the development of agricultural land scale, high 
quality varieties, production standardization, ecological cultivation, 
marketing branding, management collectivization and industrial chain 
development, driving the comprehensive planting and cultivation area of rice 
and crabs to 56,667 hectares, which has formed a large-scale ecological 
agriculture model. Panjin has also become the first national market for the 
quality and safety of agricultural products in Northeast China.

At the scene of the event, one of the Panjin cuisine called "Steamed crab with 
five grains", as the representative dish of Liaohe Estuary Cuisine, which was 
well received.

"Rice Cuisine" was held in Panjin, also marked the successful conclusion of the 
"Liaoning Cuisine-2021 Northeast Asia Popular Cuisine Culture Exchange Week".

Source: The Publicity Department of the CPC Panjin Municipal Committee

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