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Saturday, November 06 2021 - 00:54
Green Flight Initiative Aired in North Bund International Aviation Forum
SHANGHAI, Nov. 5, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On November 4, the first North Bund International Aviation Forum, with the 
theme on the sustainable development of the global aviation industry, was held 
in China's economic hub Shanghai, injecting new aviation elements and driving 
power into the city's development into an international shipping center.

Jointly organized by China Eastern Air Holding Company Limited and Shanghai 
Airport Authority, this event was a parallel forum of the North Bund Forum.

Officials from related government agencies such as the National Development and 
Reform Commission, the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Shanghai 
Municipal Government, as well as about 150 guests from domestic and foreign 
civil aviation enterprises, industry associations, and colleges attended the 

They discussed the new model of sustainable development and international 
cooperation in the industry around issues such as carbon emission reduction in 
civil aviation and construction of world-class aviation hubs, and released a 
number of major achievements and important initiatives in the industry.

At the forum, Zhang Wei, vice mayor of Shanghai, said that this year is the 
year when the Shanghai International Shipping Center is basically in shape. 
Shanghai will adhere to building a world-class aviation hub with leading 
quality, accelerate the improvement of airport ground facilities, and enhance 
the coverage and accessibility of airline network.

"The city will improve the legal system for green development and accelerate 
the green development of the aviation industry, while joint efforts will be 
made to promote coordination of the world-class airport group in the Yangtze 
River Delta in terms of functional positioning, planning and construction, 
operation management and ground transportation," Zhang added.

Willie Walsh, director general of IATA, said that to give an indication of the 
scale of the pandemic disruption, losses of the airline industry were 
significantly reduced in 2021 . With a 20 per cent share of the global 
commercial aviation market, China's domestic market is increasingly important. 
At present, IATA is actively dealing with the impact of the epidemic, and the 
industry remains confident about the future.

Liu Shaoyong, chairman of China Eastern Air Holding Company Limited, said that 
the company will give full play to the features of the aviation industry with a 
long chain, strong driving effect and great influence radiation. With the new 
mode of digital transformation and intelligent upgrade, China Eastern will 
accelerate the building of smart aviation, inclusive aviation and airport 
cities. A new aviation economic ecology will take shape by developing "aviation 
+ tourism", "aviation + finance", "aviation + exhibition" and the integration 
of aviation with other services.

Qin Yun, chairman of Shanghai Airport Authority, said the company will 
strengthen cooperation with airports and airlines around the world to build a 
green and ecological airport and a digital airport.

During the session of topic sharing, Li Yangmin, general manager of China 
Eastern Air Holding Company Limited, made a special sharing on the situation of 
aviation hubs in world-class cities, the development process of hubs and 
serving Shanghai's development into a world-class city. More than 10 guests 
delivered keynote speeches on cooperation and win-win of international civil 
aviation in the field of carbon emission reduction during the pandemic and 
construction and upgrading of world-class aviation hubs.

In the dialogue session, the speakers focused on the opportunities and 
challenges of reshaping the global industrial chain and supply chain, and 
discussed the development ideas from the perspectives of logistics industry 
development, aviation logistics, airport cargo terminal business and supply 
chain solutions.

At this forum, senior executives of 20 enterprises in the aviation sector 
released an initiative on global aviation industry carbon reduction cooperation 
via video.

The North Bund International Aviation Forum will be held in Shanghai every year 
as a parallel forum of the North Bund Forum, which will help the latter to 
become the "Davos" of the international shipping industry, better promote the 
Chinese shipping brands to the world and share Shanghai's perspectives. China 
Eastern will also host the 78th IATA Annual General Meeting (AGM)and the World 
Air Transport Summit in Shanghai in June 2022.

Source: China Eastern Air Holding Company Limited

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