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Wednesday, November 10 2021 - 19:00
Tokyo-based INVADE Co., Ltd. Starts "NILE BEAUTY" Service Allowing Online Business Matching with Beauty Companies across Globe 24/7 All Year Long
TOKYO, Nov. 10, 2021 /Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/ --

"NILE BEAUTY," started by INVADE Co., Ltd. based in Tokyo, is a completely new 
community service where beauty companies from all over the world can gather and 
do business matching online. Through information such as companies, products, 
and content articles, INVADE is creating places where "company and company" and 
"company and individual" can meet online.




(1) It significantly reduces the cost and time spent on exhibiting and 
participating in domestic and international exhibitions.

(2) It is possible to find a potential business partner 24/7 all year long, 
without worrying about the time difference.

(3) A multilingual function facilitates business negotiations with companies in 
other countries.

By displaying at "NILE BEAUTY," the exhibitor can post company information, 
product information, and various content articles for access by registered 
companies. Also, when registering as a business negotiation company 
(negotiator), he/she can easily browse the information of exhibiting companies 
at any time, and store the information. After matching, the exhibitor and 
negotiator can chat with each other.

Click here for the NILE introduction video:

Currently, a great promotion campaign is in progress to commemorate the grand 
opening of the service.
Please see here for details:

The worldwide business matching service "NILE BEAUTY" will significantly change 
the way people think about exhibitions, how they approach potential partners, 
and the conventional business that has emphasized face-to-face contact over the 
Please find new business partners through "NILE BEAUTY."

Official website:

Source: INVADE Co., Ltd.