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Wednesday, November 24 2021 - 21:56
AKB48 Team SH 2nd Genki Carnival successfully held with winners announced
SHANGHAI, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

At the two-day 2nd Genki Carnival held at Shanghai Jing'an Sports Center 
November 20-21, 2021, AKB48 Team SH (these idols belong to Shanghai Shangyue 
Culture Development Co., Ltd.) performed dozens of songs, including five new 
singles, in 40 elaborately designed stage settings, switching in and out of 180 
new stage costumes and delivering an energy-filled experience to their fans. 37 
members of team participated. The events - a concert celebrating the third 
anniversary of the founding of AKB48 Team SH and a rock-paper-scissors 
competition - rewarded fans with their best ever performances. First-generation 
member Liu Nian was chosen as the center performer on Ogoe Diamond, title song 
of the next album, while fourth-generation member Chen Jiayi won the 
rock-paper-scissors game.

During day one, AKB48 Team SH performed 30 songs including kickoff single TSH 
Sanjou!, three new singles - Zipper, Seifuku Resistance and Temodemo no Namida, 
as well as classical ones-No Way Man and Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai. During the 
encore, they performed their version of sister group BNK48's hit D-AAA as a 
surprise. With much new and fresh content, a reimagined stage design, the 
lineup of never-before-seen stage costumes, and ever-changing configurations of 
the members as each set of songs was performed, the three-hour concert 
delivered a truly delightful audiovisual experience to the onsite audience.

On the second day, AKB48 Team SH performed 10 songs as the warm-up including 
yet unreleased single UZA, Team SH's first Chinese style original song Qian Qiu 
Ling and hit song Kurayami. AKB48 Team SH's Frist Rock-Paper-Scissors 
Competition was held following the performance, which decided who will feature 
in the new single Chance no Junban. Members came on the stage in turn with the 
costumes of their own choice and funny introduction wrote by themselves. After 
5 rounds of competition, fourth-generation member Chen Jiayi got the final 
victory by last move of scissors and also the center position of Chance no 
Junban. The competition reaffirmed the immortal line of AKB48's founder Yasushi 
Akimoto, "luck also serves as strength". 

On the evening of November 21, the 16 members to be featured in Ogoe Diamond 
were announced, with Liu Nian selected as the center followed by Gui Chuchu and 
Zhu Ling. Four trainees who passed the training and became the official members 
were also announced. 

SOURCE: Shanghai Shangyue Culture Development Co.,Ltd

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