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GOOVIS HMD: Crystal-Clear Clarity Combined with Ultimate Privacy in a Virtual World
HONG KONG, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

A portable personal cinema for the coming future of movies and entertainment 
in-home or while traveling.

GOOVIS(, the product brand of NED Optics, a 
technical leading company in the XR Head-Mounted Display (HMD) field, has 
impressed consumers with its new range of high-tech near-eye optic displays. 
Recently awarded by SGS with the world's first Metaverse series: Low Visual 
Fatigue certification, GOOVIS HMD features high-quality visuals, practical 
design, and a wide range of uses, combines to create comfortable viewing 
experience and ultimate privacy within a virtual world.

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The growing popularity of online streaming services suggests that the future of 
movies and entertainment is in-home or while traveling. This new trend of 
multimedia consumption requires more comfort, flexibility and privacy 
protection from viewing devices.

GOOVIS strives to provide users with a clear, non-dazzling, 3D stereoscopic 
viewing experience even with naked eyes. Featuring the incorporation of 
binocular diopter and inter-pupillary distance adjustments, GOOVIS HMD allows 
users to adjust the diopter (supporting +2D hyperopia-8D myopia) individually 
for the left or right eye with independent controls. Users could better gather 
attention without worrying about the burden of wearing an extra pair of 
glasses. In the way of minoring the disruption elements for users and 
delivering crystally clarity, GOOVIS HMD protects the sense of reality and 
privacy in the virtual world.

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The GOOVIS HMD has strong visual capabilities allowing for immersive viewing, 
one that many have described as a life-like and completely private cinematic 
experience. All GOOVIS products are equipped with an 800"virtual screen with 42 
PPD (over twice than normal VR headsets). The impressive ultra-high-definition 
Sony AMOLED display and ultra-low 1.5%distortion allow for precise resolution 
right to the end of the image. There are no more blurred images or pixelated 
typography with GOOVIS, only clarity, and comfort.

Furthermore, the GOOVIS HMD goes beyond typical viewing devices, which 
sometimes cause fatigue and discomfort. Many have praised the design of GOOVIS 
HMD for preventing short-sightedness, dizziness, and eye damage, allowing users 
to have a comfortable and immersive experience. Its low visual fatigue is also 
proved by SGS Low Visual Fatigue certification, namely the WVF index, which 
indicates the degree of fatigue that users may feel when using a product. 


GOOVIS, which means Good Vision, is a brand of NED Optics, a technical leading 
company in the XR Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) field. GOOVIS products can be 
used to view films and videos, play games, and can also be applied in 
industrial fields, such as simulated military training, remote control of 
autonomous vehicles, surgical training systems, myopia prevention and control, 
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with First Person View (FPV), live broadcast over 
5G network, and other professional fields.

In November2021, GOOVIS received the world's first SGS Meta-universe series - 
Low Fatigue Visual certification. Before this, in May2020, GOOVIS has obtained 
the TUV Rheinland certification for providing a comfortable low blue-light 
viewing environment, becoming the world's first full-mode low blue-light eye 
protection headset, defining it as ahead of its competition in user safety.

GOOVIS has found its way to satisfy customers in 60countries and regions, 
including throughout Europe, America, Japan and Australia. GOOVIS scooped the 
German iF Design Award in2018, the Good Design Award in Japan in2018, and the 
Chinese Red Star Award in2020. 

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