Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Friday, November 26 2021 - 10:40
A Series of Videos Posted on Social Media to Promote E. China's Jiangxi to the World
NANCHANG, China, Nov. 26, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

In recent days, a series of short videos featuring natural sceneries, cultural 
folk customs and green development in east China's Jiangxi Province were posted 
on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other international social media platforms by 
Xinhua News Agency via its accounts. The videos have all shown a beautiful and 
dynamic Jiangxi to the world.

By far, eight episodes of the series have been posted, covering natural beauty 
of Mount Lu, Mt. Sanqingshan and Jing'an County, folk customs like "Shaiqiu" in 
Wuyuan County and Dragon Boat Festival in Ruichang County, intangible cultural 
heritages like rice farming culture of Wannian County and traditional Chinese 
medicine processing skills of Zhangshu, and harmonious coexistence of human 
beings and Yangtze finless porpoises that live in the Ganjiang River, according 
to the Information Office of Jiangxi Province.

The last two episodes introducing thermal spring of Mingyueshan Mountain and 
ecological protection of theYangze River will be published before December 1.

Through these videos, Jiangxi hopes to let friends from all over the world know 
of Jiangxi better and also welcomes more friends from home and abroad to 
travel, work and live in Jiangxi.

Source: The Information Office of Jiangxi Province

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