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Saturday, December 11 2021 - 11:03
Gangnan District, Guigang, Guangxi: Transformation of Qiaoxu Down
GUIGANG, China, Dec. 10, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Recently, Plot B of Qiaoxu - China Down Valley has been under construction in 
full swing and multiple large machines have been operated for land leveling, as 
a down feather factory is planned to be built here. According to the Publicity 
Department of Gangnan District, Guigang, the total planned land area of the 
project is 69618.12 square meters, two production workshops are planned to be 
built, covering an area of 40,000 square meters. In April this year, Plot A has 
been put into production, marking an essential stride in the transformation and 
upgrading of the down feather  industry in Gangnan District.

Qiaoxu down feather industry of Gangnan District, Guigang, Guangxi was 
flourishing in the 1980s. For over 40 years, Qiaoxu down feather industry has 
grown rapidly by gathering the high-quality down resources and relying on the 
industries with little investment but quick results as well as the flexibility 
in business and agriculture, laying a foundation for the reputations of 
"Hometown of Down in China", "High-quality Down Production Base in China", and 
"Excellent Down Feather Industrial Cluster in China". The products are sold to 
Zhejiang, Shanghai, and other regions and countries, including Japan, Korea, 
the United States and Europe, and the processing volume accounts for 28% of 
China, 18% of the world.

To consolidate existing advantages, Qiaoxu Town Government and Guangxi Qiaoxu 
Lotus Down Feather Group Co., Ltd. have prepared to jointly set up the Project 
of Qiaoxu - China Down Valley to build it into a new factory with advanced 
technology and high value-added products upon standardization, modernization 
and internationalization, intellectualization. The total investment is expected 
to be RMB1.615 billion, and the building area for the construction is planned 
to be 46.19 hectares. The Project will be divided into three phases, with a 
construction period of 5 years. For the Project, the brand cultivation plan is 
actively implemented, cultivating more than 20 high-quality brands, such as 
"Qiaoxu Down", "Lotus Down Quilt" and " Lotus City Home Textile". High-tech 
technologies are introduced for the Project as well, including low-carbon 
environmental protection technology, wastewater environmental protection 
treatment and recycling and high conversion rate of production energy, and 
Yezzileaf Ecological Breeding Base is built to eliminate the peculiar odor of 
down products and further guarantee the raw materials supply of Qiaoxu 
high-quality down. The detergent-free production line and an advanced 
sterilization system are innovated and developed in the Project to eliminate 
the product odor and improve the product quality on the premise of maintaining 
the original ecological properties of down. Moreover, the projects of Qiaoxu 
Down Trading Center and Expo Science and Innovation Center are being promoted 
as a whole to better undertake innovative research and development technologies 
and promote industrial technological innovation.

Aiming to build a national high-end industrial cluster of down products, the 
Project will realize the transformation and upgrading of the only traditional 
down feather industry in Guangxi, and establish the whole industrial chain of 
scientific breeding, deep finishing processing and online and offline sales. 
After the Project is put into operation, it will have an annual output of 
63,000 tons of down (feather), 5 million of down quilts, with an output value 
of RMB 10 billion and tax revenue of RMB 300 million, creating more than 8,000 
job opportunities.

Source: The Publicity Department of  Gangnan District, Guigang

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   Caption: Qiaoxu - China Down Valley under construction