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Thursday, December 16 2021 - 02:49
Sichuan, China: Giant Panda in Aba "Showing Off Skills" in the Wild Environment
SICHUAN, China, December 16, 2021, /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

According to the Aba Management Branch of Sichuan Giant Panda National Park on 
November 29th, China, the staff of Mao County Management Center Station of 
Giant Panda National Park has found out several giant frequent appearances of 
giant pandas while going through the recently collected infrared camera data. 
They were climbing the trees, doing catwalks, "juggling" and "showing off other 
fancy skills" in front of the camera.

Several giant pandas were stepping in front of the camera leisurely, performing 
a special catwalk show of our national treasure in winter. There was also a 
panda leaning over on the tree, with his "hands" wrapped his head, seemed to be 
immersed in his own world. One of them is mostly naughty and was stamping on 
the tree trunk with "one foot" while moving upwards flexibly further. With this 
difficulty level, he could be called as an "acrobat". 

Tao Boshan, director of Mao County Management Center Station of Giant Panda 
National Park, said: "Pandas are showing up more and more frequently now. They 
can be seen almost every other day." According to his opinion, two reasons have 
been contributing to the frequent appearance of giant pandas: 1. The protection 
of wild giant pandas is stronger and the ecology is getting better and better 
after the establishment of Giant Panda National Park; 2. Mao County Management 
Center Station of Giant Panda National Park has initiated the 3rd. the phase of 
the infrared camera installation since the beginning of this year. There are 
more than 500 infrared cameras in the management and protection area of Mao 
County. This number will reach 560 after the full accomplishment of the project 
at the end of December. With the help of 24 holders, they could monitor an area 
of 400 square kilometers. "The infrared cameras do not only observe the 
survival and reproduction of giant pandas but also monitor illegal activities 
such as poaching."

It is understood that the total area of Aba Park in Giant Panda National Park 
is 596,400 hectares, accounting for 21.98% of the total area of the whole Giant 
Panda National Park. There are 348 wild giant pandas in Aba Prefecture, 
accounting for 18.7% of the wild giant pandas in China and 25.1% of the wild 
giant pandas in Sichuan according to the 4th. national survey on the giant 
panda population. Thus, Aba Prefecture is a veritable habitat of giant pandas.


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SOURCE: Sichuan Daily