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Tuesday, December 21 2021 - 22:58
Mount Emei of China: 23rd Mount Emei Ice, Snow and Hot Spring Festival Starts
EMEI, China, Dec. 21, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The 23rd Mount Emei Ice, Snow and Hot Spring Festival ushered in its grand 
opening at Mount Emei of China, a World Natural Heritage and World Cultural 
Heritage, on December 18th.

Other than traditional winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and 
bobsledding through the forest, this year's Ice, Snow and Hot Spring Festival 
has unveiled a unique alpine snow and ice theme park, where activities such as 
trekking, zip line for children, engineering school, castle playground and 
winter bazaar cater to the needs for every member of the family, according to 
the Organizing Committee of the 23rd Mount Emei Ice, Snow and Hot Spring 

At the same time, this year's Festival includes a series of events like the 
"Little Cute Monkey in Ice and Snow" Photography Competition, "Happy Swim in 
Lingxiu Hot Spring" Cultural and Creative Swimming Suit Design Competition, 
"Hundred Shops, Hundred Flavors, Tasty Emei" 1st Mount Emei Tourism Culture and 
Gourmet Festival, among others, allowing visitors to experience a marvellous 
journey of "Frozen Fantasy" on Mount Emei. Furthermore, starting from December 
18th, the Mount Emei scenic area will also waive admission fees for a selected 
number of scenic spots in the lower alpine zone.

Mount Emei is located around the 30th parallel north, and the world-famous 
Golden Summit reaches an elevation of 3,079m above sea level. The enormous 
altitude difference means that the drastically different snow scenery and 
verdant greenery of Mount Emei are distributed vertically, renowned for 
"different sceneries in ten miles" and "different snow and ice at different 
altitudes" on various parts of the mountain from the foot to the peak. The snow 
here isn't just a bland swath of whiteness, but rather complements the elegance 
of the mountain in an organic and graceful manner. 

The Golden Summit is yet another embodiment of the unique snowy scenery, with 
the pristine snow reflecting the golden aura of the Samantabhadra bodhisattva 
and the temple, creating a special view that merges a land of snow with the 
Buddhist realm.

As early as 1998, Sichuan Province's first alpine ski area was built at 
Leidongping on Mount Emei, and after more than two decades of development and 
innovation, Mount Emei has achieved the transformation from a "single-activity" 
area to a diversified snowy wonderland. The Mount Emei Hot Spring Base was 
constructed in 2003, thereby realizing the immaculate fusion of winter sports 
with water sports; Mount Emei martial arts were incorporated in 2006 and soon 
arose as a highlight; "Snow and Ice Power" was created in 2015 and a thousand 
"Snow and Ice Warriors" gathered on the Golden Summit showing fitness and 
determination; the "Frozen Fantasy" theme park opened in 2018, further 
upgrading the family experience; and eight trendsetting cultural tourism 
projects debuted in 2020.

Mount Emei of today has risen as a popular destination for winter travelers in 
China thanks to its combination of unique snow and ice sceneries, and 
innovative winter recreation. Mount Emei is gaining increasing fame as a 
"high-altitude, low-latitude winter entertainment mecca of China" and gradually 
positioning itself as an "important travel destination of the world".

Source: Organizing Committee of the 23rd Mount Emei Ice, Snow and Hot Spring 

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