Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Friday, December 31 2021 - 18:57
Visiting the colorful wetlands and strolling in the flower sea in Dafeng
YANCHENG, China, Dec. 31, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Recently, thousands of international friends in Jiangsu participated the 
activity, "Experience Jiangsu and Understand China" (Yancheng), which was held 
in the Holland Flower Park of Dafeng. The purpose of this activity is to let 
foreign friends learn the "real and comprehensive China", and constantly expand 
the international circle of friends, according to the Publicity Department of 
Dafeng District People's Government.

With the theme of "Visiting the Colorful Wetlands and Strolling in the Flower 
Sea in Dafeng", international friends from South Korea, Russia, France, 
Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Belarus, and other countries who often live in 
Dafeng District gathered to visit Holland Flower Park and Hengbei Village, feel 
the great changes in China's rural areas, and to have a comprehensive 
understanding of the process of rural revitalization, cultural tourism, and 
urban development in the area.

Nicolas Kaaijk, winner of Jiangsu Friendship Award and expert on tulip balls, 
said: "In 1998, with my ideal ambition and professional technology to promote 
tulips, I came to China with confidence and went to Beijing, Xi'an and other 
places to plant tulips. However, due to climate, soil and cooperation and other 
reasons, the tulip cause ended in failure. Until 2013, I officially joined the 
Holland Flower Park, and was responsible for the technical guidance of tulip 
cultivation and building a research center. The openness of Dafeng and the 
hard-working and friendly people of Dafeng made me fall in love with it. In the 
future, I will continue to promote the cooperation and build a bridge between 
Dafeng and the Netherlands."

"I would like to thank the Jiangsu Friendship Association for building a 
platform for us to understand Chinese culture and perceive changes in China. I 
hope to have more opportunities to participate in such activities in the 
future," said Franz Morage Paul Christian, a director from the Netherlands. He 
said that the trip to Dafeng was wonderful and fruitful. 

The two made an appointment to see Milu deer, go to the maze, soak in hot 
springs, etc. They have fallen in love with China, Yancheng and Dafeng. In the 
future, they will take root in this beautiful place and irrigate a more 
beautiful future with wisdom and sweat. 

Source: Publicity Department of Dafeng District People's Government