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Friday, January 14 2022 - 20:00
Clyde & Co cuts hours from early careers application process with Cappfinity one-stage assessment
LONDON, Jan. 14 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

International law firm, Clyde & Co, is disrupting recruitment practices in the 
legal sector with a new strengths-based, immersive assessment process that is 
slashing candidate completion time by more than 50%.

The time taken to complete the assessment form has reduced from five hours to 
under one hour, with significant time savings in the process being achieved by 
replacing written questions with an innovative one-stage online assessment 
developed by HR tech firm, Cappfinity.

More than 1,200 candidates have experienced the digital assessment that uses 
different real-life scenarios to provide an authentic experience of the job and 
an insight into company culture and the working environment.

In addition to enhancing candidate experience, the new process is also creating 
greater cost-efficiencies, assessor time has been reduced by up to 70%, and the 
new approach is delivering meaningful data at speed to inform recruitment 

Aisling Barnes, Early Careers Manager at Clyde & Co, spoke about the benefits 
of the new process:

"Assessments in the legal industry have often been lengthy and 
resource-intensive for candidates and the firms doing the hiring, we wanted to 
change that to create an efficient and engaging solution.

"Candidate feedback so far has been incredibly encouraging with 93% indicating 
that the assessment was engaging and innovative, 93% finding the assessment 
format and layout clear and easy to use, and 91% agreeing that the process gave 
them greater insight into life at Clyde & Co.

"Candidates have also said that the video-style of questioning made the 
interaction more personable and relatable. They felt able to be themselves and 
to provide authentic responses to the questions provided."

Paul Clark, Chief Commercial Officer at Cappfinity, added:

"It is great to see Clyde & Co putting strengths to work across their business 
and we're delighted to be supporting them in driving change in their sector 
with this innovative initiative, alongside our work with the business on 
strengths-based leadership development. 

"By transforming the initial stages of the recruitment experience and screening 
processes, Clyde & Co has been able to reduce bias, improve candidate 
experience, and showcase company culture in new ways. Feedback has been 
overwhelmingly positive whilst the business has also been able to benefit from 
a streamlined recruitment process that reduces the administrative burden on 
assessors and delivers in-depth insight into candidates."

SOURCE: Cappfinity