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Thursday, January 13 2022 - 23:22
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iSitePower 3rd Generation Smart Blade Power Jointly Designed by China Mobile & Huawei Won the Golden Zizhu Award 2021
SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The innovative third-generation 12 kW smart blade power, jointly designed by 
China Mobile Design Institute and Huawei, recently won the Golden Zizhu Award 
2021–Excellent Product Technical Solution for its simplified structure, 
eco-friendly design, and a high level of intelligence at the 2021 
Communications Industry Conference and the 16th China Communications Technology 
Annual Conference. This award is an industry benchmark in China.

Replacing shelters with poles, iSitePower third-generation 12 kW smart blade 
power system redefines sites

A China Mobile site in Beijing was reconstructed by using iSitePower 
third-generation 12 kW smart blade power system and deploying a PV system. The 
original energy-consuming equipment room is transformed into a simpler and 
greener pole site with 12 kW high capacity and 97% high efficiency. Features 
such as AI-based peak staggering, intelligent peak shaving, intelligent 
metering, energy slicing, and intelligent voltage boosting were implemented. 
These features eliminate manual maintenance, reduce OPEX, and greatly reduce 
energy consumption, achieving green power generation and efficient power 
consumption. After the reconstruction, the electricity fee is reduced by 
$1,800, and carbon emissions are reduced by 6 tons per year, achieving 5G 
deployment without adding energy OPEX.

5G presents great challenges to energy conservation and carbon reduction. The 
iSitePower third-generation 12 kW smart blade power system helps reduce energy 
consumption and carbon emissions for carriers. Information-based services 
provided by the carrier further accelerate the digital and green transformation 
of various industries. In this way, the power system helps achieve the carbon 
emission peak and neutrality goals. Granted with the benchmark award, China 
Mobile and Huawei will continue to innovate and accelerate the construction of 
green and low-carbon networks to provide better communications services for 

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