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Indonesian startups attract international investors at the Expo 2020 Dubai
JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

JEJALA ID, an initiative by The Ministry of Communications and Informatics of 
Indonesia, concluded its program series with a hybrid Indonesia Startup Market 
Insight Seminar and a one-on-one Virtual Matchmaking session at the Expo 2020 
Dubai, on January 2-3, 2022. With over 30 Indonesian curated startups exhibited 
the Indonesian Pavilion at the expo, the program has attracted over 25 
investors participants and international visitors from over Singapore, Japan, 
Europe and United States of America. 

Following years of World Expo histories exhibiting the latest innovation and 
showcasing 192 country pavilions, the Expo 2020 Dubai is a promising platform 
for Indonesian startups to engage with international audiences. 

Semuel Pangerapan, the Director-General of Informatics Applications of The 
Ministry of Communications and Informatics of Indonesia said, "As one of the 
largest and fastest-growing digital economies, we are committed to promote the 
thriving Indonesian startups to the world. Our participation at the Expo 2020 
aims to cultivate the country's digital ecosystem through vast market access 
and robust capital opportunities catered to multifaceted startup segmentations."

During the Indonesia Startup Market Insight Seminar on January 2, Semuel joined 
Italo Gani, Venture Partner of East Ventures; Adrian Gilrandy, CEO and Founder 
of Praktis; and Williem, CTO and Founder of Verihubs, to discuss the future of 
Indonesia's digital economy, providing participants with practical solutions 
for decision-making.

Currently, around 
of the Indonesian population has adopted the internet with 21 million new 
digital consumers at the start of the pandemic, of which 72% came from 
non-metro areas. This shows a high growth penetration rate across the country.

The prolific situation leads Indonesia to successfully expand its digital 
economy, making it one of the countries with the highest growth of startups in 
2021. Indonesia's digital economy is predicted to surpass US$130 
f/) by 2025. 

Business matchmaking between international VCs and Indonesian startups

The one-on-one virtual matchmaking session on January 3, has facilitated over 
30 foreign venture capitals to directly exchange information with 30 curated 
emerging Indonesian startups. The session was conducted using a platform-based 
automated matchmaking system. 

One of the curated startups is Gajiku, a technology platform that seeks to 
financially empower the masses. They do this by partnering with employers to 
provide advance salary options to their employees. This enables employees to 
cover emergency or one-time expenses that are caused by cashflow issues, 
thereby avoiding high fees which are typically charged by predatory lenders. 

"The opportunity to connect with a global audience at the Expo 2020 has been 
tremendously impactful for our business. By facilitating a personalized 
networking session with reputable companies, the program has supported emerging 
startups to grow and contribute to build a comprehensive digital economy in 
Indonesia," said Sherman Tanuwidjaja, CEO and Co-Founder of Gajiku.  

The Indonesia Startup Market Insight Seminar and Virtual Matchmaking session 
are the culmination of JEJALA ID's four months-long events, started with 
pre-event roadshows to Japan, Singapore, East Europe, and USA. This showcases 
the Government's commitment to empower early-stage startups to the global 

More information about the JEJALA ID's series of activities and the curated 
Indonesian startups at the Expo 2020, visit or contact

About Ministry of Communications and Informatics

The Ministry of Communications and Informatics is the official government 
agency of Indonesia tasked with formulating and implementing national policies 
in communication and informatics. It is also responsible for accelerating the 
distribution of information technology and digital infrastructure so the public 
can have efficient access to up-to-date telecommunications and internet 

For more information, visit

SOURCE: Ministry of Communications and Informatics Republic of Indonesia

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