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Tuesday, January 25 2022 - 18:51
GWM's New Category HAVAL DARGO is Entering the Global Market
BAODING, China, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

In January, GWM's 3/4 scale model HAVAL DARGO went on sale in Saudi Arabia and 
attracted worldwide attention.

At the first sight of HAVAL DARGO at the Jeddah International Motor Show, Saudi 
Arabian buyer Mr Ebrahim was attracted by its tough modelling and placed an 
order immediately following a test drive.

"The 3/4 scale model HAVAL DARGO suits me very much. It can fully meet my 
demand for both daily commuting and traveling on weekends," Ebrahim said.

Actually, the new concept of the 3/4 scale model invented by GWM is to define a 
new category between urban SUVs and off-road SUVs. According to GWM, 1/4 scale 
represents the station wagons for travel, 2/4 scale means urban SUVs, and 4/4 
scale stands for off-road SUVs used in outdoor scenarios. The company has 
researched users' needs and identifies that there should also be a new model 
which could combine hard-core and urban SUVs to meet the diversified users' 
demands in their daily life. 

This kind of new concept not only grants HAVAL DARGO a tough appearance but 
also offers the product a comfortable configuration. Regarding the appearance, 
HAVAL DARGO is designed with a square body, a large trapezoidal air-inlet 
grille, a stubby front bumper, and vintage round headlights, giving people a 
very strong visual impact. In terms of interior design, it has a spacious 
cabin, a multifunctional steering wheel, novel dashboards and a central console 

Directed by the 3/4 scale model concept, HAVAL DARGO would be the best 
transportation tool for daily activities and also can let users enjoy 
cross-country travel. Multiple driving modes, such as "NORMAL", "SPORT", "MUD", 
"SAND" and "SNOW", are enabled by the intelligent 4WD system and differential 
locks on this model. When driving in a desert, snowfield and other road 
conditions, drivers can turn on the differential locks to ensure the steady 
power output and increased safety of the SUV, so that they will not lose 
control of the vehicle due to the slippery road surface.

To prove its acceptance via some overseas local tests, the HAVAL DARGO has been 
previewed by the key motoring media in Australia before its global launch, 
where it received comprehensive recognition and advices."This car is definitely 
a fresh take in the overcrowded medium SUV market, and this one would 
definitely stand out," CarsAdvice commented.

The 3/4 scale model has been favoured by users upon its launch in China in 
2020. It has been attracting the attention of many young consumers for its 
comfort and powerful off-road capability, generating cumulative sales of over 
100,000 units in 2021. 

This year, according to the company, HAVAL DARGO will be in the markets of 
Russia, Iraq, Chile and Ukraine to allow more consumers to have a chance to 
feel the charm of the 3/4 scale model.

Source: GWM

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