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Wednesday, January 26 2022 - 18:56
Five tourist routes are launched to explore winter in Charm of Jiangsu
NANJING, China, Jan. 26, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

With the coming of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Jiangsu has launched 5 tourist 
routes with Jiangnan characteristics during the period of the Spring Festival. 
Here, people can find the perfect experience between winter sports, hot 
springs, beautiful scenery, food and folk customs. Jiangsu welcomes the world 
tourists to feel the Charm of Jiangsu in winter in 5 different ways, according 
to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

There is an area of 1,800 square meters of ice with an Olympic standard in 
Suzhou Industrial Park. It is the champion ice rink of Suzhou Center, a member 
of The Chinese Skating Association (CSA), The Chinese Ice Hockey Association 
(CIHA) and Ice Skating Institute of Asia (ISI) and a designated venue for the 
national figure skating grade test. This place has witnessed the growth of many 
"ice dancers", promoting the ice and snow movement to boil in "Charm of 

On the other side of Suzhou, there is a hot spring hotel that perfectly 
combines "Charm of Jiangsu" temperament with Thai style - Dusit Thani Wellness 
Resort. The water comes from natural geothermal hot springs more than 1,000 
meters underground. In addition to soaking in hot springs, there are 
unforgettable Thai SPA, Thai cuisine, and stunning views of the twilight 

In Suzhou, where people pay attention to "eating should be seasonal", the sense 
of ritual in winter starts with a pot of rich ingredients and a beautiful 
"Suzhou-style warm pot", which mostly comprises of cabbage, vermicelli, fish at 
the bottom, with soybean sprouts, winter bamboo shoots, shrimp, sauce meat, 
meatballs and so on. Finally, with "gold ingot" egg dumplings and green 
vegetables at the top, "Suzhou-style warm pot" has become the most suitable 
meal for cold winter.

Gardens are the city card of Suzhou. Even in cold winter, the winter plum in 
the garden is full of fragrance. If there is another snow, it will be the most 
elegant place in Suzhou. 

In Humble Administrator's Garden, Canglang Pavilion and Lion Forest, which are 
listed as World Cultural Heritage, blossoms are not so white as winter snow; in 
fragrance snow can't match plum blossoms when they blow. Appreciating the plum 
in the snow is even more poetic.

The Year of the Tiger is coming, and the flavor of Suzhou is still reflected in 
the Taohuawu New Year Paintings. As a national intangible cultural heritage, it 
is not only dazzling in color and exquisite in composition, but also in the 
style of comic strip story. At present, at the Taohuawu Woodcut Painting House 
in Suzhou, craftsmen are busy printing zodiac pictures of the Year of the Tiger.

In Wuxi, another corner of Lake Taihu, Sunac Snow World has introduced the ski 
resort into a bustling shopping mall, and more than 20 large-scale 
refrigeration equipment have turned it into a snow-covered world in white, 
transplanting Nordic ice and snow resorts to the south of the Yangtze River in 
China, allowing more families to participate in winter sports as easily as 
shopping in the mall.

After a sweltering skiing, visitors can soak in the warm hot spring to relieve 
the fatigue of skiing. In Wuxi Yixing Futao Hot Spring Hotel, visitors can 
enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yangxian Lake while soaking in the hot spring. 
The hotel is only 6 kilometers away from the famous Yixing Bamboo Sea Scenic 
Spot in Wuxi. It spans Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui provinces with an area of 
about 15,000 hectares. Bamboo is evergreen all the year round, and the bamboo 
sea after snow is green and white, full of artistic conception.

Snowflakes cover the ice and snow sites in Jiangsu with a "silver suit"; the 
hot pot is steaming, and the smell goes straight to the nostrils; the white 
smoke curls up and the hot springs are full of joy. With the coming of the 
Winter Olympic Games and the love of ice and snow, welcome to open another kind 
of "Charm of Jiangsu" in more ways.

Source: Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

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   Caption: Five ways to explore winter in Charm of Jiangsu

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