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Wednesday, January 26 2022 - 19:10
Jiangsu launched 5 tourist routes to explore winter in Charm of Jiangsu
NANJING, China, Jan. 26, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

In January 2022, with the coming of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Jiangsu has 
launched 5 tourist routes with Jiangnan characteristics during the period of 
the Spring Festival. Here, people can find the perfect experience between 
winter sports, hot springs, beautiful scenery, food and folk customs. Jiangsu 
welcomes the world tourists to feel the Charm of Jiangsu in winter in 5 
different ways, according to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and 

Nanjing once held the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, which means it is also an 
Olympic city. Nanjing Olympic Sports Center's Ice Sports Club is about 5 
kilometers away from Nanjing South Railway Station, and it has a professional 
training ground for short-track speed skating and figure skating. The ice 
surface of 1,800 square meters can accurately adjust the ice temperature and 
hardness according to different sports requirements to meet the needs of ice 
hockey, curling, figure skating, short-track speed skating and other ice sports.

20 kilometers to the east of the Olympic Sports Center, it is Tangshan Hot 
Spring which has obtained the international double certification of hot spring 
water quality in Europe and Japan. Ruralation Museum Hotel, Tangshan and Banyan 
Tree Nanjing Garden Expo are hot spring hotels that have attracted much 
attention in the industry since they opened in the past two years. Both hotels 
are built on steep cliffs. It is extremely pleasant to soak in the hot spring 
in the hot spring pool in the guest room in winter and enjoy the stars.

Nanjing is rich in beautiful pebbles called Yuhua stone, which also inspired 
chefs who made glutinous rice flour dumplings into the appearance of Yuhua 
stone. Sweet-scented Taro Seedlings and Red Bean Soup Ball in Sweet Rice Wine 
are also delicious desserts not to be missed in Nanjing in winter. 

10 kilometers to the south of Nanjing South Railway Station is Mount 
Niushoushan. In the traditional understanding, the spring of Mount Niushoushan 
is the most beautiful. People in Nanjing will go for an outing in Mount 
Niushoushan every spring, but with the completion of the Mount Niushoushan 
Buddha Pagoda, Buddha Ding Temple, Buddha Ding Palace and other buildings, 
Mount Niushoushan has a dreamier feeling after the snow in winter. 

When going to Nanjing during the Spring Festival, visitors must go to the 
Confucius Temple to watch the Qinhuai Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of 
the first lunar month. The Qinhuai Lantern Festival, which has a history of a 
thousand years, shows a more fashionable and modern form today. Of course, 
visitors can also buy one or two traditional lanterns. It's interesting to 
watch the lanterns with lanterns.

Changzhou Tianmu Lake Resort is also an area with concentrated resources of 
high-quality hot spring hotels in Jiangsu. It is about 14 kilometers away from 
Liyang Station, and it takes only 30 minutes to take high-speed railway from 
Nanjing to Liyang. The Tianmu Lake Spring & Spa hotel in Liyang is located on 
the bank of Tianmu Lake. The hotel's colorful hot spring pool is like a 
colorful gem embedded in the hillside and lying in a hot spring pool. Liyang 
Yushui Hidden Villa sits on a unique land of valleys. Soaking in hot springs, 
with broad field of vision, visitors have a panoramic view of the sea of clouds 
and mountains. Tianmu Lake Fish Head Soup is a winter delicacy that cannot be 
missed here. Tianmu Lake is filtered by mountain vegetation around Tianmu Lake, 
so the water of Tianmu Lake is clear and sweet, and the meat of fish growing in 
the water is delicious.

70 kilometers north from Tianmu Lake Resort, it is the Maoshan Resort. The 
Oriental Salt Lake Resort with the theme of "Taoism" is located here. In the 
scenic area designed according to the "gossip", people can travel and live, as 
well as street entertainers, folk juggling and other folk performances to 
enjoy. The architectural style of the scenic spot is the classical Chinese 
style of 1,600 years ago, which is very rare in modern scenic spots in China. 
Especially after Lesser Snow, the scenic spot is even more mysterious against 
the lights.

Snowflakes cover the winter sites in Jiangsu with a "silver suit"; the hot pot 
is steaming and the smell goes straight to the nostrils; the white smoke curls 
up and the hot springs are full of joy. With the coming of the Winter Olympic 
Games and the love of winter, welcome to open another kind of "Charm of 
Jiangsu" in more ways.

Source: Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

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