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bk World – The service station of the future has opened in Endsee, Germany
ENDSEE, Germany, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

A new era has begun for drivers of electric cars. The first bk World opened 
today, Friday, in Endsee, Bavaria. By creating charging havens, this subsidiary 
of bk Group AG is revolutionising long-distance travel by electric car.

From idea to reality
For drivers of electric cars, charging time is mostly wasted time. It's 20 to 
30 minutes they have to spend consuming fast food in a remote car park, killing 
time on their mobile phone, enjoying the charms of service station bathrooms, 
writing emails on a precariously balanced laptop – and longing for the time to 

This is something that Gerold Wolfarth and Marc Arnold, the founders of bk 
World, want to change. The idea for bk World was born during a charging stop in 
the middle of the night, they recounted at the grand opening of the first bk 
World. "There had to be a better way – and we wanted it to be unique," Wolfarth 

Now, right at the Tesla Supercharger Park with its 20 rapid charge spots in 
Endsee, the first location has been opened: a lounge for drivers of electric 
cars that turns waiting time into quality time.

In bk World, charging time becomes quality time
"The whole idea for bk World was conceived from the user perspective," Arnold 
explained. "In other words, as the driver of an electric car, what is it that I 
really need during a charging break?"

bk World of course offers bathroom facilities, while a comfortable lounge area 
invites drivers to linger. But the concept is far more extensive. For instance, 
it makes extremely efficient use of the small footprint. Various products are 
dispensed in a fully automated way. The food that drivers can purchase on site 
is healthy, fresh, and low in sugar. When selecting the product portfolio, the 
planners deliberately avoided working with large corporations and chose instead 
to focus on keeping things regional and sustainable. Together with entrepreneur 
and investor Marcell Jansen, work is even going on to develop an innovative and 
healthy food portfolio especially for bk World.

Small office areas for business meetings, a children's play area to entertain 
the little ones, and green surroundings turn a necessary stay into a welcome 

A unique spatial concept
bk World is made up of what are known as Qubes – modular, transportable room 
elements that can be combined in a number of ways to meet a wide variety of 
space requirements on site. When a charging facility grows, its bk World can 
grow with it. Qubes can be assembled, disassembled, and relocated in a very 
short time. This is particularly good news for property owners, but also for 
charging facility operators. If a lease expires, bk World offers the greatest 
possible flexibility. The smallest version, with a lounge area and bathroom 
Qube, takes up around 50 square metres – but there is no upper size limit to bk 
World. This reduces material waste and makes demolitions a thing of the past. 
And bk World's inherent adaptability makes it easier to find suitable locations.

"With bk World, charging park operators no longer have to rely on existing 
infrastructure. We simply come to wherever a charging park has been set up. All 
we need is a connection for water, wastewater, and electricity, which means we 
can put our lounges in practically any location," Wolfarth said.

Supporting regional retailers
bk World is also committed to strengthening the regional retail trade. Its 
online shop hosts a platform on which regional retailers can present 
themselves. As the locations expand, the portfolio of regional specialities 
will continue to grow. In Endsee, visitors to the charging park will find 
delicacies including Franconian wines, award-winning chocolates, and 
exceptional cooking oils.

"For most retailers, bk World is a touchpoint with a new target group that 
would otherwise be very hard, if not impossible, for them to reach. After all, 
people stopping for a break right on the motorway won't be aware of the great 
shops in nearby towns. The visibility that companies can now achieve through 
our platform is enormous," Wolfarth said.

Each bk World location will offer a maximum of 80 selected products from the 
surrounding region, making every bk World unique. It is also possible to 
purchase regional products in the bk World online shop.

Taking sustainability a step further
bk World is climate positive over its lifetime. That means it offsets more CO2 
emissions than it causes.  This is thanks to the interplay of various 
structural considerations and construction techniques. The solid lounge 
elements are made of spruce wood. One property of this building material is 
that it naturally binds CO2. In addition, the bk World Qubes feature a 
sustainable insulating material that is not only ecological, but also has 
properties that make a positive impact on the bk World's carbon footprint: the 
Qubes are designed to withstand all weather conditions. From sweltering heat in 
southern Europe to extreme cold in the north – all visitors to bk World will 
experience the same climate. Many of the electrical consumers in each bk World 
draw their power from the on-site PV system on the roofs of the Qubes.

The future is electric
"To make a success of the mobility revolution, we need innovative concepts like 
bk World. And committed players who don't wait for government initiatives, but 
instead take action themselves. I'm already looking forward to discovering the 
Qubes at more and more charging parks soon," praised Wolfgang Bosbach, a former 
member of the German Bundestag, at the opening in Endsee.

"My partnership with bk World is based primarily on shared values. 
Sustainability is just as important to me in the food area as it is to bk World 
in the overall design of the lounges. Together, we are striving for innovative 
solutions – and we're already developing a comprehensive concept around the 
topic of healthy nutrition," Marcell Jansen, former National Football Player 

The bk World in Endsee is now open and ready to welcome all visitors to the 
Tesla charging park. But this first location is just the beginning: in the next 
five years, bk World Holding GmbH plans to open 300 locations across Europe. bk 
World is coming soon to charging parks run by the largest charge spot operators 
and energy providers – to the benefit of customers, retailers, and the 

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