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Wednesday, June 15 2022 - 18:00
ZURICH, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

HeiQ and Patagonia take their long-standing research collaboration to the next 
level and announce the launch of a jointly developed odor control technology 
for textiles, HeiQ Fresh MNT - renewably sourced mint oil-derived textile 
technology to control malodor development on textiles.

The long-standing research partnership between Patagonia and HeiQ resulted in 
yet another innovative solution for a problem on many textiles – malodor. 
Inspired by Patagonia's determination to continuously improve the chemistry 
used on all their products, the two pioneers announce the launch of HeiQ Fresh 
MNT, next generation sustainable odor control based on essential mint oil 
derived from a renewable and sustainable source.

The similar environmental and social philosophy shared between Patagonia and 
HeiQ was the backbone for the two brands to embark on an intense research 
partnership since 2015. Patagonia gives the ideas and sets the principles, HeiQ 
uses its expertise in specialty chemical formulation and application to 
textiles to create finishings that outperform the market in terms of 
sustainability and functionality.

Next Level Sustainable Odor Management

HeiQ Fresh MNT is the latest addition to the HeiQ Fresh family of sustainable 
odor management technologies, complementing the company's mineral-based HeiQ 
Fresh HAX and the bio-based HeiQ Fresh FFL. HeiQ Fresh MNT uses a renewable and 
responsibly sourced mint oil-derived textile technology to control malodor 
development on textiles, providing fabrics with a long-lasting odor control 
capability that keeps garments smelling fresh and wearers feeling clean and 
comfortable all day long. Based on test method ISO17299-3A using isovaleric 
acid, treated synthetic fibers more than double the odor control efficiency 
versus current industry standards.

HeiQ Co-founder and CEO, Carlo Centonze, says: "Our partnership with Patagonia 
has always been productive as they constantly stretch our innovative 
capabilities. It therefore comes as no surprise that we were able to discover 
the powerful properties of mint as an active ingredient for our next generation 
odor control technology. HeiQ Fresh MNT is further confirmation of our 
dedication to enhance people's lives with sustainable innovation. With odor 
control you need to wash less, saving water, detergent, energy, microfiber and 
prolong the life of garments. We can all now look forward to a fresher smelling 
society with natural, reliable and durable odor control."

Patagonia as first mover

Patagonia, as the development partner, is the first to commit to the technology 
and will start to upgrade its products in the near future.

Laura Hoch, Material Innovation Engineer from Patagonia, says: "HeiQ is a 
valuable innovation partner and we're really excited about this technology. Not 
only does HeiQ Fresh MNT keep garments fresh in a sustainable way, it performs 
even better than what we currently use. We have been relentlessly testing this 
technology and lining up the supply chain to bring products enhanced with HeiQ 
Fresh MNT to the market as quickly as possible."

About HeiQ

HeiQ (LSE: HEIQ) is a Swiss IP innovator and established global brand in 
materials and textile innovation. Founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the Swiss 
Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) and listed on the London Stock 
Exchange Main Market since 2020, HeiQ is focused on improving the lives of 
billions of people world-wide by adding hygiene, comfort, protection and 
sustainability to the products we use every day. HeiQ has strong IPs which are 
at the forefront of global technology. Active in multiple markets: textiles, 
carpets, antimicrobial plastics, conductive coatings, medical devices, 
probiotic household cleaners, personal care and hospital hygiene, HeiQ has 
created some of the most effective, durable and high-performance technologies 
in these markets today.

A trusted innovation partner for over 300 global brands and with a substantial 
R&D pipeline, HeiQ has won multiple awards such as the Swiss technology and the 
Swiss Environmental award and gained a strong reputation for the ESG and 
sustainable downstream effect of its innovations. HeiQ researches new solutions 
for partners, delivers scaled up manufacturing from its sites across the world 
and helps partners with go-to-market launches - aiming for lab to consumer in 

About Patagonia

Patagonia is a Certified Benefit Corporation based in Ventura, CA that is 
recognized internationally for product quality and environmental activism. 
Patagonia has contributed more than $145 million in grants and in-kind 
donations to date to grassroots non-profits working to protect people and the 


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