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Wednesday, June 22 2022 - 14:23
KEENON Robotics Showcases Its Advanced Robots at Western Australia Tourism Conference
PERTH, Australia, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

KEENON Robotics participates in the 2022 Perth Airport WA Tourism Conference 
from 21-22 June 2022, marking its first official foray into the Western 
Australia region. The company showcases its T5, T6, and T8 delivery robots and 
M2 disinfection robot, offering reliable and efficient service solutions. The 
conference is presented jointly by Tourism Council WA, Visitor Centres WA, 
Caravan Industry Association WA, FACET, WAITOC, and Destination Perth and is 
supported by Tourism Western Australia. As one of the most prominent events in 
the tourism industry across the western Australia, the WA Tourism Conference 
has been bringing together a cross-section of tourism sector representatives, 
national, state and local government leaders, professionals in marketing, and 
tourism academics since 2015.

"We are delighted to be able to participate in the 2022 Perth Airport WA 
Tourism Conference and showcase KEENON's latest advanced and smart robotics 
technologies," said Mr. Derren Wong, Head of Sales, Australia, KEENON Robotics. 
"KEENON has established six business regions across Asia Pacific, North 
America, South America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East and we offer a wide 
range of products and automation solutions to meet various business needs."

With fully autonomous positioning and navigation systems that work in tandem, 
KEENON products boast highly sensitive perception and obstacle avoidance 
technologies. These advanced solutions can assist employees in a variety of 
complex real-world application scenarios while providing safety, reliability, 
and efficiency. As a global award-winning technology pioneer in the indoor 
intelligent autonomous distribution robotics space, KEENON uses its products to 
create a seamless everyday lifestyle for end consumers.

The onset of COVID-19 brought the importance of automation to the fore amid the 
global effort to minimize direct human-to-human contact and reduce the spread 
of the virus. KEENON robot played a crucial role in assisting people in 
everyday tasks, reducing their risk of contracting the virus while also freeing 
them up to focus on more pressing matters.

"Our service robots are designed to free people from the high volume of trivial 
and repetitive work. They can assist the staff and perform a whole range of 
tasks, including delivering food and interacting with guests. They are now 
deployed as humanoid frontliners in the hospitality and tourism industry, from 
waiters in restaurants to robotic concierges in hotels, leading to improvements 
in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness, and overall guest experience. We are 
excited to have the opportunity at the WA Tourism Conference to meet with 
delegates from the tourism and the hospitality industry in Western Australia, 
offering them high-efficiency robotics solutions." Wong added. 

KEENON's main solutions are on display at the event, covering the catering and 
food services, hotels, and disinfection sectors. The T5, T6, and T8 food runner 
robots can assist human waiters in swiftly serving and returning used plates. 
Employees can then focus their time and energy on customer service, thereby 
reducing the risk of staff injury and significantly raising the restaurant's 
overall efficiency and service level.

In terms of hotels, KEENON robots can help to redefine a guest's experience in 
terms of safety and efficiency. For example, a W3 hotel service robot can ride 
the elevator to any floor and deliver room service, providing a contactless 
reliable service to those with privacy concerns. The company's M2 disinfection 
robot can also facilitate professional disinfection lighting and sprayers to 
quickly and efficiently kill both surface and airborne bacteria and viruses in 
a public setting, allowing for enhanced cleanliness in public spaces.

KEENON prides itself on its R&D capabilities with a team that is constantly 
working on a wide range of new patented technologies for cutting-edge hardware 
and software to improve on the company's current product portfolio. Thanks to 
their efforts, KEENON products can be found in premium restaurants, hotels, 
bars, and hospitals all over the world. The company also runs a comprehensive 
aftersales service program. KEENON ON-care allows customers direct access to 
product experts who provide one-stop repairs and maintenance.

About KEENON Robotics:

Founded in 2010, KEENON ROBOTICS offers intelligent, reliable, and convenient 
solutions for various scenarios including restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, 
supermarkets, and factories. In September 2021, KEENON completed a $200M Series 
D financing led by Softbank Vision Fund 2 (SVF2), marking the largest funding 
ever received by a service robot company. KEENON robots have been deployed in 
more than 60 countries.


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