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Thursday, June 23 2022 - 10:08
Jinan Innovation Zone: Establish platforms for fast-tracked development in China-Germany cooperation
JINAN, China, June 22, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Jiaxuan Cultural Tourism City, the first town in the country to focus on its 
poetry cultural heritage, started construction in the Jinan Innovation Zone. 
The Jinan Innovation Zone, located in the so-called City of Springs - also the 
capital city of Shandong Province - is part of the first batch of national 
high-tech industrial development zones in China and ranks in the top 10 
national high-tech zones when it comes to comprehensive strength. A critical 
window for international collaboration, it has attracted more than 500 
foreign-funded enterprises, with more than 60 of those being German 
enterprises. The first Sino-German cooperation zone north of the Yangtze River 
in China is located in the Jinan Innovation Zone. According to Jinan Innovation 
Zone Administration Committee, in the future, it will be transformed into a 
world-class Sino-German cooperation zone and a new center of industry clusters.

A number of German companies have established themselves in the city, leading 
to an acceleration in China-Euro Cooperation 

Established in the Jinan Innovation Zone, the Sino-German Cooperation Zone 
focuses on the development of a wide range of industries, such as 
next-generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing and 
airport-related modern service industries. A German standard industrial complex 
of 500,000 square meters and a supporting business complex of an additional 
150,000 square meters have been established, with a goal to build an eco-town 
of green industries replete with high-end elements and characteristic 
industries. Upon completion, the Jiaxuan Cultural Tourism City will refresh the 
environment of the cooperation zone for the mutual benefit of both residential 
and business sectors by building an integrated chain of eateries, housing, 
travel services, tourism operators, shopping, and health care and education, 
creating a formidable reputation for the Jinan Innovation Zone of China-Germany 

The cooperation zone is also equipped with a personnel training system designed 
specifically for German companies. In collaboration with Festo China and 
Shandong Yingcai University, it has launched the German Practices Workshop, 
aiming to cultivate talents for the growth of industry clusters. Furthermore, 
it has put together a digital simulation demonstration platform in 
collaboration with Fraunhofer, Europe's largest application research body. It 
also has a European-standard platform that offers comprehensive intellectual 
property (IP) services for foreign-funded enterprises. Jinan Airport now has 
direct flights to Frankfurt, with frequency increasing to two flights a week in 
the near future, enabling a two-way fast track between Jinan and Germany.

In recent years, the industrial parks have attracted substantial interest from 
top 500 corporations worldwide, including industry leaders such as Bosch, 
Volkswagen and Hengst. Volkswagen's production capacity expansion project for 
components and parts and BMTS Technology's production capacity expansion 
project are both underway.

Establishing Trade Offices Abroad to Strengthen Cooperation in Bilateral 

The Jinan Innovation Zone has a long history of cooperation with Germany. In 
2013, the Jinan Innovation Zone established the Dresden - Jinan Contact Office 
(Dresden - Jinan Industry Cooperation Office) in Dresden, also known as the 
Silicon Valley of Europe; and in November, its Jinan counterpart was 
established. The two offices have undertaken cooperation in resource 
accumulation, project collaboration and cultural exchange, among other areas. 
In particular, they have facilitated more than a dozen cooperative projects, 
including the R&D center at the German 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH in 
Jinan, the Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Lab co-launched 
by Hoteam Software and Chemnitz University of Technology; they also invited 
world-renowned Dresdner Kreuzchor to stage a concert in Jinan, strengthening 
cultural exchange between the two countries.

To date, the Jinan Innovation Zone has established offices in seven cities 
across five European countries, an important launching pad for its 
comprehensive layout for cooperation with Europe.

Opening a New Chapter in Foreign Cooperation of High Repute in Sino-Euro 

In 2015, the Sino-German SME Cooperation & Communication Conference was 
launched as a new platform for exchange between the two countries. The 
Conference is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 
of China and the Shandong Provincial Government, and organized by the Jinan 
Municipal Government and the Department of Industry and Information Technology 
of Shandong Province. Held for six consecutive years, the Conference is an 
important measure for Jinan of its pursuit of open development and cooperation 
with Germany and Europe. Many prominent guests have attended the Conference, 
including former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, German Bundestag Member 
Martin Schultz, and former German Defense Minister Rudolf Albert Scharping. 105 
projects have been signed at the Conference, with a total investment of 47.964 
billion yuan.

In 2020, renamed the China SME International Cooperation & Communication 
Conference - 2020 Sino-German (Europe) SME Cooperation & Communication 
Conference, the Conference expanded its aim from Sino-German cooperation to 
Sino-Euro cooperation. More than 1,000 companies and 5,000-plus guests from 
more than 10 countries and regions around the world attended the Conference 
online and offline, forming a powerful platform for Sino-German and Sino-Euro 
SME cooperation and communication.

Today, with its enviable reputation, the Conference has become an important 
measure at provincial and municipal levels to practice open development, 
strengthen the opening up process, and promote exchange and mutual learning 
between Chinese and foreign enterprises. This dynamic and modern city is 
committed to building a bridge of mutual exchange and cooperation, intensifying 
the role of the Jinan Innovation Zone in China-Germany cooperation.

Source: Jinan Innovation Zone Administration Committee

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