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Thursday, June 23 2022 - 19:53
Bilibili-Backed Virtual YouTuber Management Company ANYCOLOR Goes Public
SHANGHAI, June 23,2022/PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

-Bilibili Captures the Booming Virtual YouTuber Industry in China

Bilibili Inc. ("Bilibili" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: BILI and HKEX: 9626), an 
iconic brand and a leading video community for young generations in China, is 
happy to share that ANYCOLOR Inc. (TSE: 5032), a leading Virtual YouTuber 
("VTuber") management company in Japan backed by Bilibili, was listed on the 
Tokyo Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in the VTuber industry.

Founded in May 2017, ANYCOLOR focuses on the incubation and management of 
VTubers, and is also the parent company of the well-known VTuber project 
NIJISANJI. As one of its early investors, Bilibili led ANYCOLOR's Series A 
financing in August 2019 and is currently its third largest shareholder. 
Bilibili has promoted the localization of ANYCOLOR's VTuber business in China 
and cooperated with ANYCOLOR to launch the Chinese VTuber initiative VirtuaReal 
Project(, which is 
currently the number one local VTuber group in China.

Since 2018, Bilibili has been supporting NIJISANJI to enter the Chinese market 
and became the exclusive agent for its VTubers in China, responsible for the 
launching and livestreaming of NIJISANJI's VTubers on Bilibili, concert 
livestreaming, VTubers merchandise sales and more, becoming an important 
partner for ANYCOLOR 's overseas business.

At present, NIJISANJI has nearly 50 VTubers on Bilibili. On May 6, 2022, 
"Vox(" made his 
China livestreaming debut on Bilibili, gaining over a million fans on the 
platform. VirtuaReal Project now has over 70 VTubers on Bilibili, including 
Ling Yuan Yousa(, 
Aza( and other 
popular figures. VirtuaReal VTubers have accumulated over 10 million followers 
on Bilibili.

The VTuber industry is booming in China. From June 2020 to June 2021, there 
were 32,412 VTuber livestreaming accounts on Bilibili, an increase of 40% 
year-on-year. Over 86% of Bilibili users are young people under 35 years old, 
including a high proportion of game and animation fans which highly correlates 
with the VTubers audience.

In the future, Bilibili will continue to deepen its cooperation with ANYCOLOR 
in the areas of VTuber content production, technology enhancement, 
commercialization operations and global expansion. Bilibili will also continue 
to focus on Japanese start-ups in the ACG industry, VTuber and cultural 
entertainment industries and support potential companies to develop their 
business globally.


Bilibili is an iconic brand and a leading video community with a mission to 
enrich the everyday life of young generations in China. Bilibili offers a wide 
array of video-based content with All the Videos You Like as its value 
proposition. Bilibili builds its community around aspiring users, high-quality 
content, talented content creators and the strong emotional bond among them. 
Bilibili pioneered the "bullet chatting" feature, a live commenting function 
that has transformed the viewing experience by displaying thoughts and feelings 
of other audience viewing the same video. It has now become the welcoming home 
of diverse interests for young generations in China and the frontier to promote 
Chinese culture across the world.


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