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Friday, June 24 2022 - 00:58
DOHA, Qatar, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- The book introduction came at the end of a week of Edtech and innovation 
centred-conversations held by the initiative

With an underlying focus on Edtech, WISE 
[], an initiative of Qatar 
Foundation, held a series of discussions during the London Edtech Week 
[], bringing together influential professionals 
from across the learning ecosystem to present their insights and offer their 
thoughts on current learning trends in both Europe and beyond. The WISE Edtech 
Accelerator [] hosted 
conversations with ventures such as OBRIZUM and Educare, and opened discussions 
on funding beyond traditional strategies, ideation to market launch 
acceleration, and public-private partnerships for edtech.

Elyas Felfoul, Director of Policy Development & Partnerships at WISE, 
commented: "WISE could not miss a chance to be present in London this year, to 
highlight the power of collaboration, be partners in innovation, and present 
the disruptive ideas and new technologies shaping learning and teaching."

Another highlight of the conversations held in London was the unveiling of a 
Learning Ecosystems Playbook by the WISE Living Lab 
[]. The 
unique book provides readers with tools to plan and work on practical steps, 
acting as a blueprint for educators to replicate Learning Ecosystems' models 
within their own communities and contexts.

The subject of Learning Ecosystems has been a growing area of interest in 
recent years [], 
giving a glimpse into what the future of education might look like, if 
non-traditional learning providers, sharing technologies and resources, worked 
together to co-create and enhance learning opportunities within their 
community. Taking this into account, as well as research and the potential for 
enhanced access to quality education of Learning Ecosystems, the Playbook 
provides clear guidance on how to build and manage one. Divided into three 
parts, the book helps readers prepare, design and tailor a learning ecosystem 
to its learners.

At a special session held during the London Edtech Week, Aurelio Amaral, Head, 
Learning Ecosystems, commented: "We hope education stakeholders around the 
world will feel encouraged to build and strengthen vibrant learning ecosystems 
in their communities. And we look forward to hearing from them how they 
employed the tools and tips in the book. Their feedback will help WISE to 
expand and contextualise our recommendations."

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